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Keep the Thrill of Summer Alive

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Every summer there comes a time when children run up to their parents and nag them for entertainment. The thrill of summer has lost its spark and now boredom is looming over their heads. As a parent, we never like to hear the words, “Mommy, Daddy, I’m bored.” To prepare for this even before it happens, here are some budget-friendly ideas on how to entertain your children so the word boredom doesn’t enter their vocabulary.

The Open Waters of the Library

The Library is a never ending sea of stories, excitement, entertainment. Not only will it give your children something to do, but your children will be improving their reading skills over the summer. Go get a library card and enjoy the adventures books can bring.

Backyard Camping

Camping in the backyard is easy and enjoyable. Children love the idea that they will be going camping even if it is in the backyard. Set up a tent, make a campfire, roast marshmallows, and tell ghost stories. This will be a night your children will never forget.

Transform a Walk into an Adventure

During a walk discover the types of plants and animals that are native to your neighborhood. Do some research beforehand and learn about the insects, plants, animals, etc. that live in your area. Then teach your children about what you found before you leave on your walk. They will be so excited to find examples of what they learned about that a walk will become an adventure.

Children’s Museums

There are many museums around that have been built just for children. These are great places for children to learn and discover while also experiencing something new.

The Beauty of Arts

Some of the best projects for children are art projects. These can be little canvases that they can paint on, or a play that they perform for the family. Let them be creative with their project and watch them as they bring something to life.

These are some ideas to help children forget about boredom and enjoy the summer. You will be able to spark the excitement of summer again.

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How to Make This Year's Yard Sale Successful

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Yard SaleWe have all heard the proverbial saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This is why yard sales are so appealing. One person is able to earn money while another obtains a new household item. Yet with yard sales, we hear of many success stories and also many failures. Now that it’s yard sale season, let’s make this year’s yard sale a successful one. Here are 10 ideas on how to have a successful yard sale:

1. Cater to early birds

Start your day early. You want the early-bird shoppers to start with you, so make sure that you open up early enough.

2. Check your calendar

Make sure that you are not scheduling your yard sale the same day as a holiday, festival, sporting event, or other celebration. You will miss out on a lot of shoppers if you do.

3. Look at the weather report

Check in advance what the weather is going to be like. No one wants to be out in the cold, especially if it’s raining. If it is going to rain, reschedule your yard sale. Less people will come out on a rainy day.

4. Scope out your competition

Before having your own yard sale, shop around at other yard sales. Research prices on items that you are going to sell so you can competitively price your items.

5. Visibility 

Make sure that items can be visibly seen. If that means borrowing tables from neighbors so you can place smaller items on them, do it. Shoppers do not want to bend over to see items. You will lose them before they buy something.

6. Test all electronics

Shoppers want to know if the electronics you are selling work. Make sure you test them before you put them out. Then, during the yard sale, make sure you have an extension cord handy that you can use to test the electronic device in front of the shoppers. Let them know that it does work.

7. Big ticket items

If you have big ticket items look for these items in ads so you can see where others are pricing the same item. If you price them too high, shoppers won’t buy it; but if you price it too low, you will be losing money. Do some research and see where others are pricing it at.

8. Items for men and women

If you have items that are specific to men or women, place them on different tables. Both will enjoy looking at the items for themselves.

9. Advertise your yard sale

Use the local newspaper, community boards, and KSL classifieds to advertise your sale before it happens. Shoppers are constantly browsing these sites.

10. Signs

On the day of the yard sale, don’t forget to put up signs. Make them bright and visible. Also make sure to take them down once the yard sale is over. Other home owners do not appreciate seeing these signs around their homes for weeks at a time. Be considerate of others.

These ideas can help you have a successful yard sale. Just remember to keep the money on you in a pouch instead of a money box on a table. That way, if you get distracted during the yard sale, the money is safe with you and not sitting on a table.

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The Best Things to Buy This Summer

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Believe it or not, having a plan in place for buying items you need at the right time can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. Here’s a look at items best bought during summer:

Fruits and vegetables – These are going to be cheaper in-season, so stock up now and put the leftovers in the freezer.

Gym memberships – Membership tends to wane as people head outside to get their exercise, so be on the lookout for summer sign-up deals gyms provide to combat that.

Paint – If you’ve stood on top of a ladder on a 95 degree day in July to put a fresh layer on a house, you’ll know why most people wait until fall to do painting jobs. Retailers know this too, so they try to entice people to buy paint during their slow summer period.

Suits – Menswear tends to be another heat-sensitive consumer area, since few guys are looking to throw on the vest and sports jacket to head out to the baseball game.

Tools – Father’s Day is a great time to get dad that new drill since many sales at this time try to appeal to the old man’s fix-it sensiblities.

Grills – Barbecuing on the Fourth of July has become a national tradition, but once the holiday is over, retailers begin to drastically reduce the pricetags on grills.

Furniture – A lot of new furniture comes out in August, so starting in July you will see a lot of sales aimed at creating space for the new models.

Swimming gear – In August, stores are trying to sell swimsuits, pool toys and other water and beach-related goods like they’re going out of style because, well….

Computers – By planning your purchase in the late summer, you can cash in on a savings double whammy. Not only can you capitalize on back-to-school sales, but if you are willing to go with a model that is a few months older than the new shelf candy, you can get some ridiculous bargains.

Outdoor gear – Camping equipment, patio gear, swing sets and playhouses eat up floor space like nobody’s business, and retailers know that if they have a fall season overloaded with these items, they may get just that.

Linens – With thousands of students going off to college and needing to provide their own bedding for the first time, there is a tremendous amount of competition to supply it. Heavy competition = great deals for you.

In addition to keeping an eye out for these particular items, also find out if your state (or a nearby state) has a tax-free weekend. Many of these weekends occur in August, so you could really score big if you can buy an item you need on-sale and without taxes during this time.

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President's Message May 2015

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UCCU’s “Buyer Relax” program was designed to put the consumer in control when purchasing the two largest items that most people will ever purchase – a home and a vehicle. We say buyer relax, because most of you know the phrase “buyer beware”, but with UCCU’s tips and information we want you to take back control and have a relaxing experience. If you or anyone you know is looking to make one of these major life purchases, tell them about UCCU’s Buyer Relax program– more information can be found by visiting UCCURelax.com.

Summer time is fast approaching – and with it comes decisions on how to optimize your time and vacations. The credit union’s Smart Decisions Magazine is set to arrive in your mailbox next month. It features an article with insightful tips from experts on how to make summer memories with friends and family – because we all know how fast summer can fly by. Some of the tips include – planning, taking play dates to the next level, how to mini-vacation, and much more.

Thank you for your membership. If you have any financial questions – large or small, please give us a call or stop in, we are here to serve your financial needs.


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Jeff Sermon


FYI, some of the features in the May eNEWS:
Commercial lending
Apple Pay
UCCU Financial Group
Mobile Deposit

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Money Made Easy – Free Classes

Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your family, church, school, civic, or scout group about money? Money Made Easy classes make it easy to learn important financial principles through a series of interactive lessons and hands-on activities.

UCCU in Partnership with the Money Made Easy class is passionate about supporting financial education from children to adults. It is vitally important to start young when teaching your children about financial literacy.That’s why UCCU is proud to sponsor the Money Made Easy class. Call Tom Painter at (801) 235-9100 to schedule your FREE class. Visit MoneyMadeEasy.com for more details.

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What's Your Financial Wellness IQ?







It’s always important to gauge your financial wellness. Financial situations can change very quickly. Understanding how to make adjustments as needed is an important skill to learn. Take this quiz to see where you stand financially and help address any problems shown by the results. The first step toward a financially stable tomorrow is facing the situation today.

Ready to begin? Answer True or False to the following questions, and then tally your score. See scoring beneath the quiz to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for financial counseling.

  1. I normally pay only the minimum amount due on my credit card bills.
  2. My credit card balances increase each month.
  3. There are arguments in my home about money.
  4. I sometimes hide purchases from my spouse.
  5. I frequently charge items that I used to pay for with cash.
  6. I have thought about filing for bankruptcy.
  7. I have begun using cash advances to meet my obligations.
  8. My credit cards are near the limit, so I’ve begun applying for new lines of credit.
  9. I do not know the total amount that I owe.
  10. I skip paying my bills some months, or pay late.
  11. I have depleted my savings.
  12. I am consumed with worries about debt.
  13. My debt interferes with my job and/or home life.
  14. Collectors have begun contacting me.
  15. I have taken money from my retirement account to satisfy debt obligations.
  16. If I lost my job, it would mean an immediate financial crisis in my life.
  17. I use balance transfers.
  18. I have no emergency savings account.
  19. Next month’s bills arrive before I’ve paid this month’s.
  20. I do not open my bills when they arrive, or soon thereafter.
Most people answer “True” to two or three of the above questions. If True was answered more often than three times, you might consider financial counseling. BALANCE offers free and low cost assistance, whether the problem stems from needing more financial education, debt concerns, meeting your mortgage payment, or a host of other personal finance concerns. Discussing it with a certified counselor/3rd party will add insight to help you to resolve the situation.
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Get Away Today – Disneyland Diamond Celebration

This year Get Away Today and Utah Community Credit Union are excited to share in the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration! For 60 years, there’s been one place where friends and families shine together…. magic is always bright… smiles sparkle in a whole new way… and dreams really do come true!

Kicking off May 22nd, the Disneyland Resort will celebrate this very special milestone with special surprises and three new nighttime shows: World of Color Celebrate- An all new show telling Walt’s story using water, lasers, special effects and more! Paint the night- Inspired by Disney’s Electric Parade, watch beloved Disney and Disney Pixar stories come to life! Disneyland Forever- A fireworks spectacular unlike anything ever before!

Get Away Today wants to help in make this celebratory year even more exciting by offering Adults at Kids’ Prices on 3, 4 and 5-day Disneyland Resort Park Hopper tickets! By purchasing your 3-day or longer tickets before May 31, 2015, you will receive up to $16 per ticket savings, one Magic Morning Early Entry and two ESPN Zone Offers! Tickets are valid for travel during May, August, September and November 2015. Don’t wait! Mention Utah Community Credit Union to book your 60 year anniversary vacation today!

GAT Logo New

Visit getawaytoday.com or call 855-GET-AWAY



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TruStage Insurance Offerings



Insurance protection is part of a solid financial plan. Dependable coverage helps ensure financial relief when you need it most. TruStage, in partnership with UCCU offers you access to services and resources to help protect you and your family from the unexpected and give you comfort knowing you’re taken care of.

With nearly 80 years of experience working with Credit Unions, TruStage has a variety of insurance products and programs available to members like you.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

One of the nice benefits of UCCU membership is a no-cost TruStage Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance policy from CMFG Life Insurance Company. AD&D coverage pays you or your loved ones a cash benefit after an accident results in a covered injury or loss of life due to an accident. You can get $1000 of coverage, paid for by UCCU, and provided by CMFG Life Insurance Company. You can also get up to an additional $300,000 AD&D coverage from CMFG Life at affordable rates by signing up online for your no-cost or additional protection.

Auto Insurance Program

Working with carefully selected auto insurance partners, the TruStage Auto Insurance Program can provide discounted rates for UCCU Members, online services, and a 24/7 claims service.

If you haven’t compared auto insurance lately, it’s a great time to take a look. Your UCCU membership could result in some nice savings. For more information you can get a  quote online.

Homeowners and Renters Insurance Program

Working with carefully selected insurance partners, the TruStage Home Insurance Program can provide discounted rates for UCCU members. Whether you’re renting, or you own your home you’ll get quality coverage including: liability, personal possessions and additional living expenses. You’ll also get the convenience of online servicing and 24/7 claims service.

Right now is a great time to take a look into what TruStage can offer you. Your credit union membership could result in some nice savings.

For more information on homeowners and renters insurance you can go online and get a free quote.

Life Insurance

TruStage also offers Life Insurance policies to help you protect the people who matter most in your life. With many different options in whole and term life insurance on the market it may be a good time to look into this coverage. TruStage has plans and policies with affordable rates to fit your budget and help you plan for the future. To learn more about this important coverage you can go online or call 1-855-612-7909.

At UCCU we want you to understand all of your options and try to get you the best rates on the things that matter most. For more information about CMFG’s TruStage programs call 1-855-483-2149 or to talk to a UCCU professional call 801-223-8188.


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Mortgage Rates Have Dropped in 2015


2015 is a new year for everyone. Amid all of the New Year’s resolutions, many people are trying to save money and get more financially sound.

At UCCU we want to help you reach your goals. If you thought you missed the refinance windowthink again. Mortgage Rates have dropped! Call UCCU for a free mortgage analysis to see if a refinance might make sense for you. Any of our qualified Mortgage Loan professionals can help you calculate a mortgage rate that keeps your goals in mind while benefiting you the most. 

Visit any one of our 18 branch locations or call us at 801-223-7640 to find out how you can meet your financial goals this year

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