Voluntary Visionaries

The UCCU Board of Directors is made up of nine members from a variety of industries and areas of expertise. These elected representatives serve voluntarily, providing a wealth of diverse experience and leadership that benefits both UCCU and our members.

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Meet The Board: Brent Bingham

Born in Santa Cruz, CA, Brent Bingham spent his childhood in California’s Central Valley before moving to the state of Washington, where he attended high school. After graduation, Brent attended Brigham Young University, taking two years off to serve an LDS mission in Brazil. An entrepreneur at heart, Brent founded Eclipse Marketing in Orem, which he took from a startup to a two-time INC 500 company, and currently owns The Health Spot, a medical clinic in Layton.

We sat down with Brent and discussed his career and experiences with UCCU.

What originally brought you to Utah Community Credit Union?

All through high school, I had an early morning paper route and I can remember delivering a paper, every morning, to a local credit union. At the time, I had no idea what a credit union was so one morning, I asked my dad; “What is that?” He was the one who first explained to me the differences between a credit union and a bank; that one was a not-for-profit financial cooperative, owned by its members, and the other was a for-profit business.

Years later, when I returned from my mission and was living in Provo, I was in need of a financial institution. Because of that paper route and my dad, I knew I had a choice and I wanted to join a credit union. So, I walked down to UCCU’s stadium branch and, well…the rest is history.

What led you to becoming a UCCU Board Member?   

When I first joined the board in 2009, I was replacing a board member who was a professor of marketing and I knew it would be a great opportunity to serve my community and have experiences that I could learn from. Of course, I’m not an academic. I’m not a professor. I’m an entrepreneur and a businessperson. And I felt that I was in a great position to represent that group of members: entrepreneurs and small business owners. I’m also the youngest board member so I bring that perspective as well. I ask a lot of questions. I speak my mind. And I always think in terms of being a business owner. I try to remember: “Hey, I’m not just a voluntary board member…I’m also a member of this credit union. Which means, like every UCCU member, I do own a piece of this and I do have a voice.” It’s a wonderful opportunity to speak from all of these perspectives, both as a UCCU member and board member.

What excites you, right now, about where UCCU is headed?

I’m always saying any business is only as good as its people. And UCCU is filled with so many high-quality, intelligent, dedicated people, from board members to the people helping members with their day-to-day banking needs. When you look at the people at UCCU, you see talent, passion, and drive. You see a growing, thriving business. And that’s very exciting.

I’m always about growth. I’m always pushing growth. Under Jeff Sermon’s leadership, I’ve watched this credit union grow incredibly, steadily, and in the right direction. And so, for me, the most exciting questions are: “Where will UCCU be in five years? In ten years? And how can I help?” That’s what really gets me going.

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Meet The Board: Carine Clark

After growing up in Germany as the daughter of a military father, Carine Clark first arrived in Utah Valley at the age of 18 where she attended BYU, learned how to ski, and opened her first account with UCCU. Since that time, Carine has helped fuel the success of technology companies throughout the valley, from Provo to the Silicon Slopes… all while raising two children, fighting cancer and winning, and finding ways to serve her community.

We sat down with Carine and discussed her career in Utah and UCCU.

What brought you to UCCU?

When I arrived in Utah for the first time in 1981, I got into a taxi at the Salt Lake City airport and told the driver to take me to Provo only to have him laugh in my face. I didn’t know much about Utah and didn’t know if I’d ever feel like I belonged here. But then my dad told me to “get a job, start skiing, and start enjoying the semester.” It was great advice. I got a job doing German research at the BYU library and I loved it. Of course, that resulted in getting my first paycheck, which led to opening my first checking account with UCCU and it’s been my main account ever since. I was immediately impressed with how the employees of this financial institution treated me and I’ve been a promoter of UCCU ever since.

Have you always had a passion for technology?  

Yep. I’m a technology person. I’m a builder who loves change, and technology is often the key to moving organizations forward. When I first began working at the BYU library, my intention was to become a librarian. But I noticed that I was spending every night performing the tedious task of refiling card catalog cards that students had removed during the day. I suggested that we get rid of the card catalog and replace it with an online system. I quickly learned that back then that idea was viewed as heresy. And so I realized that becoming a librarian probably wasn’t for me. I knew I wanted to work with technology and help businesses grow.

What excites you about what is currently happening at UCCU?

I have a passion for the people who serve on this board. They do it for free because they love this institution and love helping people succeed. That’s always inspiring. Right now, I’m very excited about the new technologies UCCU has been implementing to better serve our members. UCCU recently unveiled its new Online Banking Experience. Of course, change can be tough. But I hope that our members understand that a short-term adjustment to this new system will result in many more features that they will love and so much more protection.

And I hope they know that UCCU spent over two years planning and implementing this technological advancement for the same reason it makes every decision: because it’s good for our members.

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Meet The Board: Linda Makin

Linda Makin is a self-proclaimed “Utah County girl.” Born and raised in Lehi, Linda raised her family in American Fork and currently lives in Pleasant Grove. Linda believes strongly in this community and in the idea of supporting the social good. In addition to UCCU, Linda has enjoyed numerous experiences serving voluntarily on several not-for-profit boards in Utah Valley.

We sat down with Linda and discussed her experience with UCCU and serving on the Board of Directors.

What brought you to UCCU?

I’ve been a fan of credit unions for decades. I love that they are member-owned and that their goal is not to create profits for shareholders but to provide great services and rates for their members. But my UCCU membership runs much deeper. I’ve lived in Utah Valley my whole life. My husband is from here. I raised my kids here. And so my membership with UCCU is very personal to me.

How did you get involved with UCCU’s Board of Directors?

I’ve always been enamored with the idea of not-for-profit board service. It’s a wonderful concept: people bring expertise to an organization that benefits the people the organization serves. I’ve served on the Utah Foundation Board and the UVU Alumni Board. When it came time for another UCCU Board Member to step down, my name was suggested as someone with the right qualifications. And so several UCCU leaders, including Jeff Sermon, reached out to me. It meant stepping back from a few things so that I could focus my energies on UCCU and I’m very happy I did. It’s been a great experience.

Can you tell us a little about your experiences volunteering for UCCU?

UCCU is celebrating its 60th anniversary. And what’s really exciting is how we’re all working together to look ahead, to the next 60 years, and how we can plan and support the growth that’s ahead of the credit union. That means strategic planning, resource allocation, and technology. UCCU is doing a fantastic job of working to make sure that along with excellent service, we have the best technology possible. And we’re doing it all while staying true to UCCU’s mission of supporting and serving this community that I love.

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Annual Chair Report 2016


UCCU is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2016. It is an institution built to last and is based on enduring principles of thrift, honesty, conservative and steady growth, managed risk and people helping people.

During 2016 we will be telling the story of the rich heritage of UCCU. In 1956, seven BYU employees started UCCU with only $35 from their own pockets. Resources were scarce back then, but the credit union grew because it was a financial institution that valued people over profits. In his prayer at the dedication of the Stadium Branch in 1977, resident N. Eldon Tanner, a member of the first presidency of the LDS church, said, “We pray that those who are managing this organization may all be blessed with the ability, desire and determination to do what they do in the interests of those whom they serve, and that it may benefit those who contribute, who have their savings here, and who are depending on this organization to help them in time of need; that they may be honest and honorable and upright in every way in their dealings.”

2015 was one of the best years in UCCU’s history. UCCU exceeded the billion dollar mark in total assets—an annual increase of $110 million; and membership increased by 7,000, to 129,000. Loans to members grew over 25% for the year as members took advantage of
a strong economy and record low loan rates.

UCCU is a leader in the county as an issuer of mortgage loans, home equity loans and automobile loans which helps our members buy homes, cars and other necessary items. For the most part our members are using credit wisely and the credit union has programs
to provide members with additional services and tools to help them safely manage their money. UCCU has established mini branches in several area high schools and recently partnered with Utah Valley University to provide financial education and planning for students. UCCU continues to offer our “Be Money Smart” program to provide financial literacy experiences and education to our youngest members.

The excellent financial results for the year have contributed to a strong net worth capital ratio of 10.59%. This ratio is a measure of the capital strength of a credit union and reflects on the credit union’s ability to weather financial storms. UCCU is considered well
capitalized by NCUA, the credit union industry regulator, and by Bauer Financial, an independent entity that rates financial institutions. The conservative company gave us a five star superior rating and listed us on their Recommended Report which means we are considered a “safe, financially sound credit union, operating well above regulatory
capital requirements.”

In anticipation of reaching the next billion dollars, we are in the final stages of completing the 7 story UCCU Financial Center in the heart of the Lehi business district. The Lehi branch will occupy the main level, and we will lease out the upper floors until the space is needed. UCCU is also in the process of upgrading the computer system to support the growth in membership well into the future and provide a base for future technological developments.

UCCU management and employees are professional, experienced and courteous. They train for many hours to provide you with the best financial products and services in the industry. They contribute countless hours in community service providing income tax
preparation and other services that benefit those in need. UCCU continues to shine in the community and was once again voted #1 in the Best of Utah Valley poll.

It is UCCU’s mission and desire to be our members’ first choice for financial services and information. Any input and suggestions are always welcome as we strive to improve and serve our members.

I’m grateful I have had the opportunity to serve this past year as Chair of the Board of Directors and to work with the other members of the Board, the Supervisory Committee, the management team, and our great employees. I believe that this credit union is built on principles that will allow it to outlast the test of time. We have enjoyed membership in an institution that is 60 years old. I believe it will last another 60 years and beyond if we will continue to abide by those inspired dedicatory words, “that those who are managing this organization may all be blessed with the ability, desire and determination to do what they do in the interests of those whom they serve”.

Kim Jackson
Chair 2015-2016
Board of Directors

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Meet The Board: John Stevenson

Originally from Raymond, Alberta, Canada, John Stevenson first came to Utah to attend Brigham Young University before making Provo the home to his future family. John has put his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees to good use, with nearly 30 years experience working with both technology and people.

In 1986, John became a member of UCCU and joined the board in 2000, where he’s been voluntarily serving for over 15 years. We sat down with John and discussed his experience on the UCCU Board of Directors.

What brought you to UCCU?

I’ve been a long time advocate of the credit union movement. I tend to look for organizations that benefit consumers and have their best interests at heart. I could see that UCCU supports its members and believes in providing better rates, cheaper loans, and stronger savings yields. These types of things made me proud to become a member.

How did you get involved with UCCU’s Board of Directors?

I attended BYU’s MBA program with Ken Gibby, the current SVP/CIO at UCCU. I loved that the credit union was led by volunteers and I told Ken that I’d be interested in helping if there was ever the right opportunity. In 2000, Ken called me and informed me of a recent vacancy on the board. Soon after, I met with Ron Eliason, who was the president of the credit union at the time. Fortunately, it turned out to be a wonderful fit and I’ve been serving on the board ever since.

Can you tell us a little about your experiences volunteering for UCCU?

I love technology and have enjoyed being involved in the major tech decisions. I’ve always been an early adopter of new technologies and with my role on the board, I’ve helped set the direction and evolution of exciting technologies, such as mobile banking and the EMV chip.  Right now, UCCU is going through the process of a major system conversion that is going to set the credit union on the right path for the next decade to come. It’s really phenomenal. Of course, member interfaces are going to remain very simple and that’s part of what’s exciting about it. As UCCU implements this state-of-the-art technology, member services will run smoother and easier than ever.

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Meet The Board: Kim Jackson


Education: Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Accounting, Brigham Young University.

Experience: Utah County Clerk Auditor, Novell Internal Auditing Department Current

Position: Utah County Treasurer

Kim Jackson is a man of numbers and he has the resume to prove it. Along with working full time as Utah County Treasurer, Kim has devoted twenty years (and counting) of volunteer service on UCCU’s Supervisory Committee and Board of Directors. As part of his duties, Kim has responded to member concerns and questions, managed internal and external auditors, and helped make certain that the credit union has operated in a fiscally responsible manner. We sat down with Kim and discussed his role on the UCCU Board of Directors.

What brought you to UCCU?

Actually, I’ve been a member of the credit union since…I can’t even tell you how many years. My father worked at BYU and helped me become a member back in the 1960s. Which means that UCCU and I are almost the same age!

How did you get involved with UCCU’s Board of Directors?

I worked at Novell with Ron Eliason, who was Novell’s CFO before becoming UCCU’s fifth president. After he accepted that position, he asked me to serve on UCCU’s Supervisory Committee. Eventually, I joined the Board of Directors, where I’m currently serving my third term as Chair.

Can you tell us a little about your experiences volunteering for UCCU?

I’ve always appreciated UCCU’s conservative approach to finances. We really do safeguard each and every dollar. As a member, I’ve always felt completely safe having my money here, because it’s well run, it’s well watched after, and we keep up with every technological advancement. I also really enjoy the relationship I share with the other board members. This is an amazing group of experts, from many different industries, and we make decisions together.

Do you have a favorite UCCU technology?

Mobile deposit! It’s just so helpful and easy!

Click here  to read our Smart Decisions Magazine Fall/Winter 2015!

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Meet The Board: Steve Mann


The following article is from UCCU’s 2015 Spring/Summer Smart Decisions Magazine.

Steve Mann has an extensive background in both business operations and technology. Steve’s experience includes working for large technology companies as well as founding and managing software companies of his own. Today, Steve works as a Program Manager in the Family History Department for the LDS Church – a perfect fit for this selfproclaimed “Family History Buff.” Steve is also an avid hiker and the co-author of 100 Hikes in Utah (which you can read more about on page six of this magazine). We sat down with Steve and discussed his role on the UCCU Board of Directors.

What brought you to UCCU?

I became a member of the credit union in the late 80s and it didn’t take me long to become a UCCU advocate. I really appreciated how well they treated me and other members. But more than that, I had great respect for their mission to serve their community and the people in it. It’s a passion that really separated them from other financial institutions. I was happy to accept the nomination to be a UCCU board member because I knew it was a good opportunity to serve.

What excites you about UCCU right now?

Technology is not only exciting, it’s very important to UCCU and its future. It’s an important key to offering the very best and most convenient financial services. We always want to stay on the leading edge of technology, but always in a very safe way, adopting and utilizing new technologies at the right time.

Can you give us examples of current technology at work at UCCU?

Of course, UCCU was the first financial institution in Utah to offer EMV microchip technology. For our members, that’s a simple thing. Many probably don’t even notice it and that’s the point of great technology. It simply, automatically protects them against credit card fraud. Right now, I think Apple Pay is another great example. UCCU adopted that technology quickly because it was important to many of our members and adds convenience and security to payment transactions.

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President's Message February 2015


2014 was a very successful year for credit union members and for UCCU. LOCAL ECONOMY Boasting one of the nation’s lowest unemployment rates, Utah is recognized as one of the most stable and economically sound states in the nation. According … Continue reading

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Meet The Board: Michael Orme

For the past 25 years, Michael Orme has helped guide UCCU’s growth by addressing current financial trends and preparing for the future. After receiving a B.A. in history from BYU summa cum laude in 1975, Mike received a J.D. from BYU’s J. Reuben Clark Law School in 1978. He returned to BYU in 1989, where he worked as Associate General Counsel and joined the UCCU Board of Directors. Since 2005, Michael has acted as Assistant to the President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary to BYU. He is rated “AV”—the highest rating for legal expertise and ethics—by the national Martindale–Hubbell directory. We spoke to Michael about his experience serving on the UCCU Board of Directors.

What brought you to UCCU?
Before coming to BYU, I practiced law in Idaho Falls, where I represented a
couple of credit unions. When I came to BYU, the UCCU board approached me
because they were in need of a lawyer. I realized I could put my experience
with banking and credit unions to work for UCCU. I didn’t anticipate serving on
the board for as long as I have, but it’s been a wonderful experience and a very
worthwhile place to volunteer my time and efforts.

Can you tell us a little about your role on the board?
My job is to not only see where UCCU is now but to anticipate where it will
be in ten years and how we can plan for that. I really enjoy strategic planning;
anticipating trends and changes and putting the credit union in the best position
possible as the world moves forward. The world is very fast paced and change
is happening all the time. But with strategic planning, we can ensure stability and

What philosophies guide UCCU’s strategic planning?
We’ve always administered UCCU according to conservative strategies and what we
believe to be correct financial principles, such as “thrift” and “savings.” Even
as we’ve grown, we’ve stayed true to these principles. I attribute much of our
success to that. Since I joined the board, the nation has gone through three major
downturns, but UCCU has continued to grow. We don’t chase after trends or take
risks with temporary bubbles. We stay true to who we are.

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