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Be Money Smart

Meet the Smart Family


Follow one family’s hilarious journey to becoming MoneySmart

Whether you’re a parent, a baby, a teen or anywhere in-between, BeMoneySmart is the perfect way to learn together, as a family, how to save and spend money wisely. Simply visit BeMoneySmart.org, where you can watch the adventures of the Smart family, a series of short, hilarious videos that your whole family will enjoy.

They’re also educational, but don’t worry… we won’t tell your kids if you don’t. It’s all at BeMoneySmart.org right now!

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Money Made Easy – Free Classes

Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your family, church, school, civic, or scout group about money? Money Made Easy classes make it easy to learn important financial principles through a series of interactive lessons and hands-on activities.

UCCU in Partnership with the Money Made Easy class is passionate about supporting financial education from children to adults. It is vitally important to start young when teaching your children about financial literacy.That’s why UCCU is proud to sponsor the Money Made Easy class. Call Tom Painter at (801) 235-9100 to schedule your FREE class. Visit MoneyMadeEasy.com for more details.

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President's Message March 2015

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Buyer Relax

We are all familiar with the phrase: buyer beware, but at UCCU we want you to be informed and confident when making big purchases. Last year the credit union provided a website with 10 of the best tips to know when buying a car.

A purchase even more complicated and the largest financial investment most people make is a home – so the credit union has provided this new, valuable resource to help guide you along to the path to home ownership. Visit UCCURelax.com to find all the support and information you need when purchasing a car or a home. And be sure to pass this information on to anyone you know.

Family Event: STEM Fest 2015

The credit union has teamed up major partners to provide the first ever STEM Festival to the community. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The main goal of STEM is to get children excited about career opportunities in STEM related fields. Many companies in Utah are looking for qualified candidates with STEM related backgrounds and studies to fill their positions.

STEM Fest is a free event for families to bring their children of all ages to have fun, and get excited about science, technology, engineering, and math. It’s never too early for children to follow their passion and dreams.

UCCU is focused on our community and helping educate the leaders of tomorrow. Here at the credit union, we offer careers in technology and math, but no matter what career path is chosen one of the most important educational tools is learning how manage finances. I hope you will join us this month at STEM Fest!

Unleash your child’s curiosity, March 27th | 2 PM – 8PM @ the UCCU Center.

Thank you for being a member and help spread the benefits of membership to your friends and family.



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Jeff Sermon
Utah Community Credit Union


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President's Message January 2015

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As 2015 gets underway we note the relatively strong local economy. Unemployment is low, job creation is positive, population growth is strong, and consumer confidence continues to rise.

Of course, our local economy is still impacted by the national and global economic trends. Monetary policies in the country and in Europe continue to rely on government intervention to keep rates low, and spur on a continuing but stubborn recovery. Recent developments in the energy industry bring us sharply lower oil and gas prices. While we enjoy filling up our cars for a lot less money, the low prices are creating havoc in many countries around the world.

The European Union is bracing against economic declines with several countries already in recession. Japan, the third largest world economy, continues to struggle under the weight of massive debt. We watch with great interest as our own national monetary and fiscal policies evolve with the new congress. 2014 was the best year for US job creation since 1999 with a reported drop in unemployment to 5.6%.

National and global uncertainties notwithstanding, we feel fortunate to be enjoying a very robust local economy and the opportunity we have to serve you, your family, and this community. Most economists agree that, overall, economic trends are positive and the recovery is continuing. We remain optimistic about the future!

Six things to keep in mind as you plan for 2015: 

  1. With rates expected to rise in the near future, the credit union created a home equity line of credit that stays fixed to help hedge against a payment going up. Home equity lines of credit typically have a variable rate – which can be the best option at times, but this new home equity has a fixed rate for 10-years! Your payment can remain low for the next decade – no matter what happens in the economy. Call a home equity loan expert today at 801.223.7750 or click here to visit us online.
  1. As your not-for-profit financial partner, UCCU works hard to provide you and your family with valuable services, products, and information to help you set and achieve your financial goals. In additional to low-cost loans, free checking, convenient online and mobile account access, the credit union offers valuable services that fit every stage of life. From youth banking services with our award winning BeMoneySmart program, to any investment, insurance, or Medicare need with the UCCU Financial Group, the credit union has you covered. We want to be your “first choice” financial partner.
  1. For a fun and engaging way to teach your family, church, school, civic, or scout group about money, attend a free class from Money Made Easy – sponsored by UCCU. Money Made Easy classes make it easy to learn important financial principles through a series of interactive lessons and hands-on activities. Schedule your FREE class by calling Tom Painter at 801-235-9100 or click here for more information.
  1. The credit union is here to serve your needs. This is the best institution for low rate loans without the worry of changing rates or hidden fees. If you have a loan that is not currently with the UCCU, I personally invite you to call, go online, or visit with one of our loan officers to see about lowering your rate and saving you a lot of money. It’s time to make the move.
  1. Worried about all of the credit card fraud? EMV Chip card technology is your best defense against credit card fraud. When the EMV chip card came out, your credit union jumped on board – which is why we were able to be the first to offer EMV Chip cards to help protect your finances from criminals. Upgrade your card and bring your balances over and get a low 6.99% APR.
  1. If you have any commercial lending needs — either a new loan need or a refinance — our commercial loan professionals can help. Ask about our low rates, quick turn-around, and great terms with no pre-payment penalties.

We look forward to 2015 and appreciate the opportunity to be your trusted financial partner. Take advantage of your membership at Utah Community Credit Union this year.

Thank you for being a member!

Jeff Sermon
President/ CEO
Utah Community Credit Union

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Be Money Smart Video

For kids, teens and in-betweens, UCCU’s BeMoneySmart banking program is an easy way to ensure kids and parents have a plan for financial success. Our BeMoneySmartRoadmap is an interactive tool that allows kids of all ages to learn the importance of financial responsibility. Each step in your child’s financial journey is different. That’s why our BeMoneySmart program adjusts as your child’s financial needs do.

Watch our newest BeMoneySmart video and learn more ways that you can help your children achieve financial success. Our goal is to give you the tools to successfully help you and your child plan for the future.

Visit bemoneysmart.org for more information about our money saving program especially designed for children ages 0-15 years.


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UCCU's BeMoneySmart Road Map

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For kids, teens and in-betweens, UCCU’s BeMoneySmart banking program is an easy way to ensure kids and parents have a plan for financial success. Our BeMoneySmart Roadmap is an interactive tool that allows kids of all ages to learn the importance of financial responsibility. Our goal is to help teach your child how to save and spend money, and reward them for achieving their financial goals. No matter how old (or young) your child is, now is the time to learn MoneySmart behavior that will benefit his or her entire life.

Ages 0-5 years

Your child’s future can be unpredictable. From braces to summer camp, college and weddings, saving at a young age helps your children be as prepared as they can for the future. If you open a BeMoneySmart Savings Account for your baby before his or her first birthday, UCCU will make the first deposit of $10 to help your child’s financial journey. Our BeMoneySmart Youth Saver Account is the perfect way to continue saving for your child’s long-term goals. With high savings certificate yields and one free withdrawal per year you can keep your child on track.

Ages 6-12 years

As your child gets older, money awareness will grow more and more. These are the perfect years for your children to learn how money works and how they can benefit from saving it. The best way to help your kids understand money is through practice. When your children open an account, UCCU will give each of them their very own SmartSaver Rewards card. Every time your child makes a deposit, we’ll punch the card. After five punches, your child will earn special rewards. And the more punches they save, the better the reward!  The SmartSaver Rewards card is the perfect way to help your child learn how to set and achieve savings goals, and make every trip to UCCU a little more fun.

We also want to reward your child for working hard in school by giving your child $1 for each “A” (or equivalent grade) on their final report card.

Ages 12-15 years

By the teen and pre-teen years kids are starting to have a mind of their own. They want independence and more freedom. In order to transition into this phase of money management smoothly UCCU has an account designed especially for children under the age of 16. Your child will have their very own BeMoneySmart VISA check card. This means that every transaction is captured and recorded in your child’s online account-detail register, so you can see and track every single purchase your child makes. What better way for your children to learn how to keep track of their spending, and for you to teach them you how to properly budget their money?

We also offer a debit card that can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. Your teenager can use it to purchase whatever they need, and even things they want, and you can easily track their spending online.

Another great feature is eMoney Family Transfers system. If you owe your child some money for chores, or babysitting, avoid giving them cash and transfer the money into their account.

At UCCU we want our members to establish good money management habits and encourage you to start saving for your children’s future as soon as possible. Visit one of our conveniently located branches for more information. UCCU, Inspiring Smart Decisions.

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Four Generations of Being Money Smart

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Teaching your children the importance of financial responsability today will set
them on a course for success their entire lives… and maybe even longer. Just ask
Julie Best.

Julie’s financial journey began over 50 years ago when her father, Fred Childs,
opened her first account with Utah Community Credit Union in 1962. Of
course, back then, UCCU was still known as BYU Employee’s Federal Credit Union.
And Fred Childs was a BYU employee, a member of the credit union, and a father
who wanted to help his children prepare for their futures.

“My Dad not only taught my brothers and sister and I how to save for the
future,” Julie recalls, “but also about the importance of managing our money. How
to stay out of debt and make our money work for us and grow.”

Building upon the lessons taught to her by her dad, Julie kept her account, and
kept it growing, throughout her youth. In 1975, Julie graduated from Orem
High School and enrolled at BYU. Two years later, she married John Best, a
recently returned LDS missionary (and Julie’s high school sweetheart). And
while marriage brought big changes to Julie’s life, her relationship with UCCU
remained the same.

“When I got married, I told John that I wanted to keep my UCCU account,” she
said.” Because I loved how UCCU helped me and served my family. Plus, when I
looked at banks, I saw that they all had so many fees and that just made no sense
to me. So I knew I wanted to stay with UCCU. And then my husband joined, as well.”

Over the years, as Julie and John started a family of their own, Julie found herself
in a position to help her own children plan for the future and learn the value
of financial responsibility. And like her father, Julie turned to UCCU for help,
opening Youth Savers accounts for all four of her kids.

“We wanted to teach our children the value of money and the importance of
staying out of debt,” she said. “The Youth Savers accounts helped them learn how
to set aside a percentage of their money for savings and how to start planning for
their future. Most of all, it taught them to be self-reliant.”

Julie also loved that Mom was on all of their accounts so that she could keep
track of what her children were doing and help guide their progress.

As the Bests raised their children, Julie made time to continue her education
through BYU independent course study. Today, three of their children have
graduated from BYU. And their youngest (who is currently serving an LDS mission)
plans to attend BYU when she returns home. John received a Masters Degree in
Public Administration from BYU. As for Julie… she returned to BYU, where she
earned her Bachelors of Science in 2003. And through the years, the entire family
kept their UCCU accounts. In fact, Julie’s son now has three young children of his
own, and all three of them are part of the UCCU BeMoneySmart program.

“It’s so important to teach your children good financial habits,” Julie said, “and
the credit union is the perfect place to do that. The BeMoneySmart Youth Banking
Program is something that families can do together and it makes it interactive
and fun.”

Today, Julie enjoys being a grandmother and working as a travel agent for Morris
Murdock Travel in Orem. And as her family enters their fourth generation
of UCCU membership, Julie is amazed to have experienced a relationship
with UCCU that’s lasted more than five decades.

“The name has changed over the years,”she said, “but the mission has always
stayed the same. There is such a level of trust because we’ve been with UCCU for
generations and we’ve seen them take care of our family.”

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The 2013 Family Festival

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The second annual Family Festival, held this past month, has been a huge success! We are so glad everyone came to enjoy fun and learning with us. Held again at the UCCU Center at Utah Valley University, the Family Festival welcomed thousands of families over the space of the two-day event. This year was the first Family Festival Conference, put on through a partnership with the UVU College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The conference presented dozens of classes on a variety of family-related topics. The conference was also proud to present Ed Smart as the keynote speaker.

The Family Festival welcomed families and kids of al ages to participate in the fun and educational opportunities at the Festival. Upon entry, each child was presented with five BeMoneySmart bucks, which they could spend on the variety of bounce houses, games, and other fun activities. But, the kids were encouraged to deposit their bucks at one of the two BeMoneySmart “branches” at the the Festival and receive double their deposit after waiting 20 minutes. There were also several opportunites for kids to earn bucks; by visiting all of the UVU booths, kids were awarded with a “Wolverine Diploma” and ten extra bucks. Other booths and organizations at the Festival also presented opportunities for kids to earn more bucks. This money experience allowed an easy way for parents to teach their kids about saving and spending money in a fun environment.

The Festival provided fun and entertainment for children and families. Over a dozen bounce houses, games, train rides, a visit from Santa, and the world’s largest Pinewood Derby track, and wonderful stage entertainment wowed families over the course of the festival.

Thanks to the hosting sponsor, UVU, and the other major sponsors, Edge Homes and US Synthetic, the Family Festival 2014 was a fun, entertaining, and educational experience to all those who attended. Thank you and we’ll see you all again next year!

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