UCCU Book Review – The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win

When we see people achieving the incredible, we usually assume they were born with greater talents than we possess. Maybe it’s more willpower, an innate talent or resilience that pushes them ahead. Or maybe they simply have a tremendous amount of motivation that propels them forward and helps them reach their goals.

Jeff Haden, in his new book, The Motivation Myth, is here to debunk this long-held belief. He claims there’s no special sauce involved in major life changes. Instead, he believes that motivation is a byproduct of the process of working toward a goal – and not the cause of all that work.

Haden maintains that understanding and internalizing this truth can help anyone become one of those super achievers.

This eye-opening book takes readers from the very beginning, where the actual goal-setting happens, and sees them through until the end, when the impossible becomes a reality.

Haden teaches how to reframe your entire way of thinking about goals and motivation. He offers practical tips and advice for getting yourself “unstuck” at the starting line, giving you ways to stop stalling and move forward with those elusive goals. He proves there is no mystery in accomplishment; no bolt of lightning or super powers at play; just a clear, sensible process that can be duplicated by anyone committed to making it happen.

The author cites examples from his own life to bring his point home, sharing how he has consistently drawn two million monthly views to his blog, completed a 107-mile mountain-bike race and dropped 10 pounds in just one month, all by following his own advice.

Some readers have found the connection he draws between achievement and his process to be overly-simplified and not practical. They claim it’s all hype and not doable in real life. Most readers, though, find the book to be an enlightening guide for overcoming the everyday and transcending the average.

Your Turn: What’s your biggest business motivator? What pushes you to get ahead?




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