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After growing up in Germany as the daughter of a military father, Carine Clark first arrived in Utah Valley at the age of 18 where she attended BYU, learned how to ski, and opened her first account with UCCU. Since that time, Carine has helped fuel the success of technology companies throughout the valley, from Provo to the Silicon Slopes… all while raising two children, fighting cancer and winning, and finding ways to serve her community.

We sat down with Carine and discussed her career in Utah and UCCU.

What brought you to UCCU?

When I arrived in Utah for the first time in 1981, I got into a taxi at the Salt Lake City airport and told the driver to take me to Provo only to have him laugh in my face. I didn’t know much about Utah and didn’t know if I’d ever feel like I belonged here. But then my dad told me to “get a job, start skiing, and start enjoying the semester.” It was great advice. I got a job doing German research at the BYU library and I loved it. Of course, that resulted in getting my first paycheck, which led to opening my first checking account with UCCU and it’s been my main account ever since. I was immediately impressed with how the employees of this financial institution treated me and I’ve been a promoter of UCCU ever since.

Have you always had a passion for technology?  

Yep. I’m a technology person. I’m a builder who loves change, and technology is often the key to moving organizations forward. When I first began working at the BYU library, my intention was to become a librarian. But I noticed that I was spending every night performing the tedious task of refiling card catalog cards that students had removed during the day. I suggested that we get rid of the card catalog and replace it with an online system. I quickly learned that back then that idea was viewed as heresy. And so I realized that becoming a librarian probably wasn’t for me. I knew I wanted to work with technology and help businesses grow.

What excites you about what is currently happening at UCCU?

I have a passion for the people who serve on this board. They do it for free because they love this institution and love helping people succeed. That’s always inspiring. Right now, I’m very excited about the new technologies UCCU has been implementing to better serve our members. UCCU recently unveiled its new Online Banking Experience. Of course, change can be tough. But I hope that our members understand that a short-term adjustment to this new system will result in many more features that they will love and so much more protection.

And I hope they know that UCCU spent over two years planning and implementing this technological advancement for the same reason it makes every decision: because it’s good for our members.

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