Meet The Board: Linda Makin

Linda Makin is a self-proclaimed “Utah County girl.” Born and raised in Lehi, Linda raised her family in American Fork and currently lives in Pleasant Grove. Linda believes strongly in this community and in the idea of supporting the social good. In addition to UCCU, Linda has enjoyed numerous experiences serving voluntarily on several not-for-profit boards in Utah Valley.

We sat down with Linda and discussed her experience with UCCU and serving on the Board of Directors.

What brought you to UCCU?

I’ve been a fan of credit unions for decades. I love that they are member-owned and that their goal is not to create profits for shareholders but to provide great services and rates for their members. But my UCCU membership runs much deeper. I’ve lived in Utah Valley my whole life. My husband is from here. I raised my kids here. And so my membership with UCCU is very personal to me.

How did you get involved with UCCU’s Board of Directors?

I’ve always been enamored with the idea of not-for-profit board service. It’s a wonderful concept: people bring expertise to an organization that benefits the people the organization serves. I’ve served on the Utah Foundation Board and the UVU Alumni Board. When it came time for another UCCU Board Member to step down, my name was suggested as someone with the right qualifications. And so several UCCU leaders, including Jeff Sermon, reached out to me. It meant stepping back from a few things so that I could focus my energies on UCCU and I’m very happy I did. It’s been a great experience.

Can you tell us a little about your experiences volunteering for UCCU?

UCCU is celebrating its 60th anniversary. And what’s really exciting is how we’re all working together to look ahead, to the next 60 years, and how we can plan and support the growth that’s ahead of the credit union. That means strategic planning, resource allocation, and technology. UCCU is doing a fantastic job of working to make sure that along with excellent service, we have the best technology possible. And we’re doing it all while staying true to UCCU’s mission of supporting and serving this community that I love.

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