Meet Bret VanAusdal – UCCU’s new President and CEO

At A Glance


  • Bachelor of Science, Business Management/Finance – Brigham Young University
  • Master of Business Administration – University of Phoenix
  • Western CUNA Management School


  • Executive Vice-President
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Senior Vice-President of Lending
  • Commercial Loan Officer
  • Regional Branch Manager


  • Married for 37 years with four children and eight grandchildren

Bret VanAusdal is a true Utah native. In fact, he still lives in the same town where he was born and raised, Spanish Fork. It’s also where he raised his four children with Ann, his wife of over 37 years.

Bret has always been a numbers person and has dedicated his career to helping people better manage and master their finances. In April of 2018, after 34 years of experience in the financial industry, including 22 years at UCCU, Bret VanAusdal succeeded Jeff Sermon as UCCU’s President and CEO.

We sat down with Bret to get to know him and his plans for the credit union’s future.

When did you first learn you had an interest in banking?

Back when I was a Boy Scout in Spanish Fork, a local bank branch manager and well-respected member of our community helped us achieve our Personal Finance merit badge. That was my first experience with finance and dollars and it really resonated with me. I can remember thinking: “Someone will pay me to hold my money and keep it safe? What a fascinating concept.”

What does UCCU stand for?

People helping people, Inspiring smart decisions. That’s easy to say, but that’s who we are.

We truly believe we have a responsibility to help our membership make smart, well-informed financial decisions. We empathize with our members. We recognize they have unique needs, challenges, and opportunities. We share those challenges. We listen and do our part in trying to help them overcome those challenges. We will be a trusted financial partner.

What does it mean to be a trusted financial partner?

Trust means always having our member’s best financial interest in mind. It means designing products and services that meet their needs with competitive rates. It’s difficult to find value in today’s world and we see that as critically important. Being a trusted financial partner means adding real value to the lives of our members.

For example, as we went through the worst recession in the history of the nation, UCCU was able to help hundreds and hundreds of members through a difficult time and help them set their courses back on track, back on the path they desired.

We don’t want short term relationships with our members. We want them coming to us for all financial services. Even when a member moves away from our community, they can expect to still maintain their relationship with UCCU.

Simply put, a trusted partner does the right thing for the right reason. A trusted partner wants to be your partner for life.

Can you tell us anything about UCCU’s employees and Board of Directors?

Most of all, I want our employees to know just how important they are. They are the face of this credit union. Unlike their CEO, they’re the people our members meet day in and day out. They’re the people smiling, working hard, and helping members pursue their financial dreams.

As you know, our board members serve voluntarily, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better board of directors than at UCCU – paid or unpaid. All of them are successful leaders in their industries and communities. They put their good names and reputations on the line for the membership of this credit union, all because they have a passion for helping people. They make all of us proud.

What else makes you proud about being part of UCCU?

The thing that makes me most proud about being a part of UCCU is the way we’re meeting the needs of our membership. We work hard to design our products and services to meet those needs and our employees and our teams all work incredibly hard to deliver those products and services in a way that can improve lives and make it easy to do business with UCCU.

To all of our employees and board members, I want to say: Thank you for your service, passion, commitment, and your dedication.

And thank you, Bret! Finally, what can UCCU members, employees, and our communities expect in the next five to ten years?

That we will continue to be a leader in this community. We’re dedicated to that goal from top to bottom. We’ll keep making it easier, faster, and more convenient to do business with UCCU.

We’ve heard from many, many members over the years who have told us that when they joined this credit union, they became part of a family. They were treated like family. You treat family members right by doing the right thing. That’s what we do.

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