The UCCU Book Review – Zero Down Your Debt

Are you sick of being saddled with debt? Are you ready to break yourself free from the shackles of towering credit card bills?
Zero Down Your Debt will show you how to make that happen. This eye-opening book by Holly Porter Johnson and Greg Johnson is a virtual manifesto for debt destroyers everywhere. The personal finance book promises to change the way its readers think about money through its clear and guided approach to debt-free living and financial freedom.
Holly and Greg have been through it all. Through a series of poor choices and uncontrollable circumstances, they found themselves facing a staggering $50,000 of debt. Instead of despairing, though, they created a manageable step-by-step approach toward paying it down, using innovative techniques and a forward-thinking attitude.
Today, they are living a debt-free life and are passing on the wisdom they gained from their journey to you!
In Zero Down Your Debt, Holly and Greg describe the exact tools that helped them climb out of the deep hole they found themselves in. Their primary secret is their self-coined “Zero-Sum Budget,” a budgeting method that is both realistic and powerful. In this plan, every single dollar earned is given a purpose – whether it’s for paying bills, paying debt or putting into savings.
Last month’s earnings are used for this month’s everyday expenses. The plan is simple and demands nothing more than strong resolve, a positive attitude and pen and paper. By employing this plan, every reader is assured a way out of debt.
Throughout the book, you’ll find practical “Action Items.” These doable tips can help real people living on modest incomes win the war against debt.
In Zero Down Your Debt you will learn how to:
  • Unlock the powerful potential of your paycheck to help you save more and move ahead
  • Regain control of your money by creating a monthly plan that works
  • Understand the root causes of your debt
  • Implement a doable plan to eliminate your debt
  • Enjoy debt-free living and true financial freedom
  • Avoid budget destroyers that drain your wallet and demolish savings
  • Prepare for unexpected expenses and financial emergencies
Critics claim the book does not include any new material, believing it is age-old budgeting advice. They say Zero Down Your Debt is all “been there, done that” and will not give readers a fresh outlook on going debt-free.
Many others, though, are thrilled with the book and thanks to its actionable approach, are on the journey to financial freedom.
Pick up your own copy and you may soon find yourself on the same path to a debt-free life!
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