New Technology Alert – UCCU CardSwap

At UCCU excellent member service is a top priority and we are always looking for ways to make our members’ lives easier. It’s why we offer world-class mobile and online banking services that are secure, quick and easy. To that end we are now offering another new service that will provide a better way for you, our valued member, to update your payment card information for your subscriptions, streaming, shopping, and other online services. The new service is called UCCU CardSwap. It was made available to all members Monday, December 18.

With UCCU CardSwap you can update all your favorite digital services, like Netflix, Amazon, and more – at the same time, in the same place – within UCCU’s online and mobile banking. This new technology makes it easier…

  • To switch your preferred payment method to your new UCCU card
  • To update online payment methods to a new UCCU card when one is lost, stolen, or used for fraud
  • To update online payment methods when a renewal UCCU card arrives

To use UCCU CardSwap, simply login and select Services from the main menu, then select CardSwap:


Then – select Get Started:

Next – pick your accounts (scroll while in app to reveal the full list). Full list of possible accounts available at the bottom of this article:

Then – verify your new card information. If you are setting this up for the first time, simply put in your existing UCCU card information:

When setting up for the first time, or when adding new accounts – verify your username and password for your selected accounts and the update is complete. From here you can also add additional accounts or return to the main menu:

UCCU CardSwap means UCCU cardholders no longer need to log in individually for each account and update each provider. So, next time you need to update your online payment information, give UCCU’s CardSwap a try to quickly update your favorite digital services like Netflix, Amazon, and more.

Click here to apply for a UCCU checking account or click here to apply for a UCCU credit card.

Your turn: What are your thoughts around this service? How many accounts could you update through CardSwap?

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