The Bucket Plan

Do you dream of having a secure retirement where your biggest worry is choosing between a Caribbean cruise and sailing off to Alaska?Turn your dreams into reality with The Bucket Plan. Written by Jason Smith, a financial planner, coach and entrepreneur, this book is a must-read for anyone determined to create a realistic financial plan for retirement.

The Bucket Plan outlines a distinct financial planning process based on a three-bucket philosophy of strategically positioning assets to anticipate and minimize the risks that can occur in retirement.

In this book, you will find:

  • The three biggest threats for your financial future and a clear explanation of how The Bucket Plan can help protect you from them
  • An easy-to-use formula for calculating whether you will have an income deficit and the amount of money you’ll need to prevent it
  • How to avoid taking on too much investment risk

Throughout the book, you’ll read about Jerry and Irene, a couple planning for their retirement using Smith’s three-bucket approach. The storyline is expertly woven into the book’s more technical content, simplifying the abundance of financial wisdom. It makes The Bucket Plan an engaging and educational read. You’ll flip through the pages of the book, eager to reach the end and see how Jerry and Irene’s plan worked out for them.

Smith’s strategy of “bucketing” your retirement money can put you on the path toward long-term financial security. Don’t spend your golden years worrying about your money running out. Instead, use the Bucket Plan to create your successful financial future.

The Bucket Plan won’t reveal any magic formulas or get-rich-quick schemes, but it will provide you with a detailed, comprehensive system for preparing for your sunset years in peace, serenity, and financial security.

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