Business Book Review: Finding Your Why

Simon Sinek’s bestselling book, Start With Why, has inspired millions of readers to rethink their life goals and their daily choices.

In his more recent release, Finding Your Why, Sinek speaks more directly toward business owners and continues where Start With Why left off. It’s an actionable guide that will show you exactly how to apply the author’s powerful tools in your business, company and work life.

Start With Why encouraged readers to think about the forces driving them to lead the life they live; Finding Your Why teaches readers to use that “why” for creating a better business and workplace.

Co-authored by Peter Docker and David Mead, this book serves as a dynamic, resourceful guide for giving your business your all. That’s because Sinek believes everyone is entitled to wake up each morning and feel inspired to go to work. Every person also deserves to return home later feeling fulfilled and accomplished. There’s no place for the humdrum in his world!

According to Sinek’s philosophy, the only way to reach that point of constant inspiration and fulfillment is to have a full understanding of WHY you do everything you do. Identifying the underlying objective of your company, and your own personal ambitions, will allow you to fully focus on bringing your business to the next level and surpassing all of its goals.

Packed with detailed exercises, illustrations and actionable steps for every stage of the process, Finding Your Why will help you address and resolve many common concerns, including:

  • What if my WHY sounds identical to my competitor’s?
  • Am I allowed to have more than one WHY?
  • If my work doesn’t match my WHY, what should I do?
  • What if my team can’t agree on our WHY?

Whether your business is long-established, is still in its starting stages or simply needs a boost, the exercises in this book will lead you along a path toward long-term success and fulfillment — for you and your team. Never have a dull or unproductive day at work again!

The engaging stories sprinkled throughout the book will keep you turning those pages and make it into a quick read. Released late in the summer of 2017, Finding Your Why is enjoying strong popularity. Critics, though, find that some of the book’s steps can be difficult to process and integrate into real business life.

Do you know your WHY? Find out by picking up your copy of this book today.

Your Turn: Do you leave for work each day feeling inspired? What keeps you going? Share your own WHY with us in the comments!


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