vCita: The all-in-one app to help your business flourish

Do you feel bogged down by the details of managing your business? Are you so busy with the nitty-gritty that you can’t concentrate on helping your company grow? Some high-tech help can free up your time and bring your business to the next level.

VCita is a powerful app created with small businesses like yours in mind. It’s designed to help you with all aspects of business management, including scheduling meetings and appointments, interacting with clients, streamlining payments and more. Using vCita can save you valuable time, allowing you to focus on growing your company.

Here are some of the features you’ll find on vCita:

1.) Online scheduling

No more back-and-forth emailing. Say goodbye to telephone tag. With vCita’s online scheduling, your clients can now schedule consultations, book and pay for services and register for events all on their own. Clients can access your company calendar from any device with internet access, any time.

Customize vCita’s scheduling page to your liking, updating it with your availability as it changes. You can also add a vCita calendar to your website, emails and social media – you’ll get double the bookings with half of the stress.

2.) Personal client portal

Set up a personal portal for each of your clients through vCita. Clients can use their portals to reschedule appointments, pay for services, fill out forms, send reviews and more.

3.) Client management

Keep your clients at your fingertips with vCita’s client management features. Download the app’s customizable widget for your website and use it to communicate with all potential clients. No more promising leads getting away from you!

Also, vCita allows you to organize your communications with clients, initiate new conversations with a simple click, review client history, track appointments, add notes, automate follow-ups and more.

4.) Payment collections

Collecting payments from clients is now simpler and more secure than ever. You can easily add payment buttons and forms to your website, emails and social media accounts. When a client uses those buttons to pay for a service, the funds will be automatically deposited into your checking or PayPal account with no additional transaction fee. An easy-to-use dashboard will also allow you to view a client’s payment history, issue invoices and track payments in real time.

While vCita may be a wonderful business tool, some users have sharply critiqued its customer support. Many also find that its competitors, like ScheduleOnce, outdo it in features offered and in efficiency. So, be sure to research vCita and similar options carefully before signing up.

Also, vCita is not a free app. After a complimentary one-month trial, you’ll need to shell out a monthly fee for the service. Prices start at $12.45 a month.

If you’re drowning in the details of managing a business and the all-in-one app seems like the right fit for you, vCita may be just what your business needs!

Your Turn: What’s your favorite scheduling app and how does it help your success? Share your secret weapon with us in the comments!

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