AroundMe: Local Attractions With Just One Click

Looking for a great new restaurant near your home? Traveling and wondering what attractions are nearby?

Look no further! The free AroundMe app is here to take the stress out of your search. With a cleaner and clearer interface than other attraction search engines, like Google Maps and Apple Maps, the app makes finding local hotspots easy.

In the app’s home screen, you’ll be asked if you want to use your current location. By clicking “yes,” you’ll unlock the app’s real power. You can now search for local attractions wherever you’re located.

Next, you’ll find a large menu of nearby spots you might need, from pizza shops and park-and-rides to museums and movie theaters. Tap the category you’re looking for, and the app will bring up a list of local places matching your choice. You’ll also be shown where these locations can be found on a map. If you choose one of these options, the app will pull up details for you, including a phone number, street address, reviews and hours of operation. Another tap will bring you to the business’s Google Details page.

You can take your search up a level by tapping on the eye icon toward the top of the app’s screen and then holding up your iPhone or iPad 2. You’ll be shown a virtual view of the location of nearby attractions. This will help you see exactly how far you are from each place.

You can use the AroundMe app to search for a wide range of local spots, including the most often searched-for options, like restaurants, movie theaters and gas stations, and the less-searched for places, like hospitals and pharmacies. Whatever you need – it’s there!

Critics of the app complain that banner ads can block up to 25% of the screen. While ads are built into most apps, Aroundme is designed for use on the road, making the ads really intrusive. There is an option to upgrade to an ad-free version, but it’ll cost you $2.99 a month. For that price, you can find something even more user-friendly in the AppStore.

Other unhappy users claim that star icon doesn’t save a location’s info as would be expected; it only saves the number in your contacts. Still, more critics say the app doesn’t offer enough improvement over Google Maps or AppleMaps to make it worthwhile to install.

Try the app to judge for yourself. It can make attraction-searching simpler and fun!

Your Turn: What’s your favorite way to look for local hotspots? Share your best search app with us in the comments!


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