Flipp: Groceries, Simplified

A typical Saturday afternoon …

You’re pawing through your weekly stack of ads, searching for a store that has both cereal and peanut butter on sale, while mentally scanning your pantry and fridge for missing staples. Unfortunately, your search is fruitless. At this rate, you’re better off heading out to any store to do your shopping before the day is through.

Saturday afternoon, take two …

You breeze through checkout as the cashier announces that you’ve saved $27 in specials and coupons. You’re thrilled with the extra cash in your pocket and you’re confident that you haven’t forgotten anything. You smile and pat your phone. The Flipp app has saved your sanity again.

If the first scenario sounds too familiar to you, get the free Flipp app and transform your shopping experiences. That’s right, say goodbye to that heap of flyers! No more tedious coupon-clipping! Flipp makes saving fun and stress-free.

The app streamlines the entire coupon-searching process by making it all digital. Flipp will give you access to all the information you’ll find in the weekly flyers of more than 800 chain stores, including Smith’s, Target, Walmart and hundreds more. Instead of searching through mountains of paper flyers, you can now search the app in mere seconds.

Here are some of the features you’ll find on the app:

1.) Item search

Need peanut butter and want to know which store has it on sale? Simply type in “peanut butter” and the app will do the work for you, pulling up a list of local stores that are selling peanut butter at a discounted price. This allows you to comparison-shop in seconds, all from the comfort of your couch.

2.) Adjustable percentage-off

Are you looking for extreme sales only? A helpful slider at the bottom of the app’s screen allows you to adjust the percentage-off setting to your liking. The app will then filter out the items that don’t match your percentage-off criteria.

3.) Ad categories

Looking for a specific category of ads? The app allows you to choose the categories you’d like to search; including groceries, office supplies, housewares and more.

4.) Shopping list

Never forget an item again! Flipp’s “Shopping List” feature allows you to plan your grocery list ahead of time and makes the actual trip to the store (or stores) simpler. You can build your list as you find items on sale by simply tapping them, and then reviewing them in the “clippings” setting. You can then review your clippings and choose which ones to add to your list.

Alternatively, you can create your list without looking at the circulars. Let Flipp do the job for you. It will search through the local flyers to find deals on the items you’ve included on your list. That’s money saved without the hassle!

While at the store, use the Flipp app to check off the items you’ve put in your cart with a simple tap, making shopping a breeze.

5.) Extreme couponing

Never miss a sale again! Flipp offers exclusive coupons and deals in the stores you love, helping you take saving money to the next level.

The app’s search feature allows you to compare items instantly and easily. You can also clip coupons directly to your rewards cards for instant savings at checkout.

While thousands of users are thrilled with the Flipp app, critics complain that the app is late in updating local grocery ads. Others claim that too many of the specials offered are not food-related as advertised, and that using the app will not help you stick to your budget.

Try it out, and see for yourself whether the Flipp app is the best thing since sliced bread or not. It may just change the way you shop!

Your Turn: Have you discovered an app that has completely changed the way you do a household chore like shopping? Tell us all about it in the comments!





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