How to Help Your Child Succeed in School

Now that school has started and after the initial back-to-school excitement starts to wear off, kids may start to get anxious about tests or may fall behind on homework assignments. Between daily academic rigors and extracurricular activities, your child may be more stressed than you think. It’s important to remain an active part of your child’s schooling by fostering an environment of learning in the home and also by establishing a good relationship with your child.

Children need structure. It may seems counter-intuitive, but children thrive best when they are given parameters in which to then express themselves. By setting simple rules about homework and playtime, parents create those parameters for their children. Setting these homework rules will also instill long-lasting values such as responsibility, accountability, time-management, and focus. It’s also a good idea to be physically present in the home during homework time – let your child know you are happy to help. Even though they may not need your help, having your support will be emotionally helpful to your child.

Establishing good relationships with your child will help your child be success in a variety of situations and stages of life. By having a relationship that focuses around open communication, your child will feel comfortable including you in his or her life. This will allow you assess how they may be feeling about school and you might be able to help them. Open communication establishes trust, and your child will ask for your help when they need it. You may also be able to sense when your child may be struggling with schoolwork, balancing their extracurricular activities, bullying, or other concerns.

As a parent, you want the best for your child. Help your child be the best they can be this school year by establishing realistic parameters and rules for your child about schoolwork. Be there to help them when they need it. Also, establish trusting relationships that focus on open communication. When open communication is established, both parties are better able to help one another. Have a great school year!

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