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Smart Family 3

2015 is coming to an end, and 2016 is approaching quickly.  Have you thought about a financial plan for the upcoming year?  Meet the Smart Family; three kids, two parents, and one mission: to be MoneySmart.  Utah Community Credit Union has created a plan for Parents, teenagers, and kids to become more financially aware.  Our BeMoneySmart  program includes benefits for families, informative videos, and financial advice.

Benefits include:

Ages: 0-5 “Baby Bucks”

It is never too early to start saving for your newborn baby.  UCCU will deposited $10 for parents who open a new BeMoneySmart Saving Account for their toddler before their first birthday.  The Youth Savers Account also provides long term savings, which can be withdrawn once a year absolutely free! A toddler with a savings account? Sounds great for every family!

Ages: 6-11 “Smart Saver Rewards”

What a perfect time to teach kids to be more responsible with their money.  Come and try our punch card for kids!  When you open a savings account for your child, UCCU will give you your very own SmartSaver Rewards deposit card.  Every time your child make a deposit, we will punch the card and you will move closer to your reward.  Working hard in school and trying to save money is difficult, so for every “A” your child receives in school, UCCU will give you 1$.

Ages 12-18

It seems that teenagers need money every day of the week.  Movies, dates, cell phones, cars, the list goes on!  UCCU is here to help!  Try our eMoney Family Transfers, which is an easy way to transfer money to your son or daughter right from your account online.  We also provide a BeMoney Smart VISA debit card to your teenager, which makes it a lot easier to buy anything they need!  We also give teenagers their very own UCCU pocket register.  This is an easy and convenient way for teenagers to write down the purchases they have made.  But that’s not all!  Every time they fill out their pocket register, we will give them $10, just for managing their money!

So make this New Year a better year for your finances.  Let us help toddler, child or teenager to be MoneySmart!  And don’t forget to watch the Smart Family as they become MoneySmart at

Good luck and have a great New Year!

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