Meet The Board: Steve Mann


The following article is from UCCU’s 2015 Spring/Summer Smart Decisions Magazine.

Steve Mann has an extensive background in both business operations and technology. Steve’s experience includes working for large technology companies as well as founding and managing software companies of his own. Today, Steve works as a Program Manager in the Family History Department for the LDS Church – a perfect fit for this selfproclaimed “Family History Buff.” Steve is also an avid hiker and the co-author of 100 Hikes in Utah (which you can read more about on page six of this magazine). We sat down with Steve and discussed his role on the UCCU Board of Directors.

What brought you to UCCU?

I became a member of the credit union in the late 80s and it didn’t take me long to become a UCCU advocate. I really appreciated how well they treated me and other members. But more than that, I had great respect for their mission to serve their community and the people in it. It’s a passion that really separated them from other financial institutions. I was happy to accept the nomination to be a UCCU board member because I knew it was a good opportunity to serve.

What excites you about UCCU right now?

Technology is not only exciting, it’s very important to UCCU and its future. It’s an important key to offering the very best and most convenient financial services. We always want to stay on the leading edge of technology, but always in a very safe way, adopting and utilizing new technologies at the right time.

Can you give us examples of current technology at work at UCCU?

Of course, UCCU was the first financial institution in Utah to offer EMV microchip technology. For our members, that’s a simple thing. Many probably don’t even notice it and that’s the point of great technology. It simply, automatically protects them against credit card fraud. Right now, I think Apple Pay is another great example. UCCU adopted that technology quickly because it was important to many of our members and adds convenience and security to payment transactions.

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