Michael’s Credit and Debit Card Security Breach

Michael’s (arts and crafts) has learned that PIN pad tampering occurred in at least 90 of its stores, and that their customer credit and debit card information has been compromised. Two of these 90 stores are located in Utah; one in Midvale on Fort Union Blvd and the other on 1300 East in Salt Lake City. Michael’s has indicated that their systems at these stores were compromised between February 8 and May 6, 2011. If you used your Utah Community Credit Union credit or debit card at Michael’s during this time frame please call us and we will replace your card free of charge. This once again brings to mind debit and credit card fraud and the unsettling fear of unauthorized transactions.

Click here to see a list of all affected Michael’s stores.

Rest assured, Utah Community Credit Union is a leader in credit and debit card security. We have extensive safeguards in place to protect our members from this type of fraud; and in the event you are a victim, the credit union has quick and efficient dispute processes in place so you can get your money back.

No matter where you shop (even online), you can feel confident using your UCCU Visa check card or credit card because we’re always working to keep you safe – with multiple layers of security.

Security Layers:

Card Data Mismatch

  • Several security values are checked before a transaction is authorized.

Fraud Prevention Tools

  • The 3-Digit Security Code on the back of your card provides Internet and phone security by helping verify that you’re in possession of your card.
  • With Verified by Visa, your identity is confirmed through a personal password while shopping at participating online merchants.

Real-Time Fraud Detection

  • Using best-in-class solutions for Real-Time Fraud Monitoring, we screen your account 24/7 to detect suspicious card activity outside your normal pattern. If something seems abnormal, you will receive a phone call to let you know.

We’ll Fix It

  • Our protection means you don’t pay for unauthorized use of your credit or debit card.
  • Access to Identity Theft Assistance helps you regain control of your account if you suspect you’ve been a victim of card fraud.

There are some steps you can take to help protect yourself as well. Some may seem like common sense, but it’s important to keep them in mind.

General tips on card safety:

  • If your card is ever lost or stolen, report it immediately
  • Don’t leave your card anywhere it could be easily taken (this includes the glove compartment of your car)
  • Monitor your account
  • Keep your account information current so that if there is suspicious activity we can contact you.
  • Make sure you memorize your PIN
  • Shred documents that contain any personal or financial information before you dispose of them
  • Before shopping online, ensure your computer has up-to-date anti-virus and spyware software installed

Keep Up-To-Date

You should look at your account details regularly to make sure you don’t have any unauthorized transactions. This can be made easier by checking your statements and paying bills online.

Irving, Texas-based Michaels Stores, Inc. is North America’s largest specialty retailer of arts, crafts,  framing, floral, wall décor, and seasonal merchandise for the hobbyist and do-it-yourself home decorator. The company currently owns and operates more than 1,045 Michaels stores in 49 states and Canada, and over 140 Aaron Brothers stores.

UCCU is a leader in card security. By keeping these simple tips in mind, you can help us keep your card safe – at the store, online or anywhere else. Please contact us at pbsupport@uccu.com or (800) 453-8188 if you have any questions or if you need your card replaced.

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9 thoughts on “Michael’s Credit and Debit Card Security Breach

    • A copy of the affected locations is attached to the article itself. I did not see one called ‘Daily City’ by name, but it might be called something else. To be safe, give us a call and we can get a new card.

  1. Thank you for your service and the quick notification. We’ve been with UCCU for over 30 years and have been very satisfied and safe.

    Sincerely, M W

    • Michael’s has indicated that the Orem, UT store was not affected by this security incident. At this time you only need a replacement if you used your card during the time frame outlined and the stores indicated in the list. However, we do recommend that you review your account history and if you notice any unauthorized activity let us know and we will help you get it corrected and issue you a new card.

  2. Do you know if any stores in Idaho were tampered with? This is where I am currently residing and could have used my card there, but not at a Utah location.

    • If you shopped at one of the affected Michael’s stores during the time frame outlined all we need to do is issue a new card for your account.

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