5 Items to Buy in August

Although summer may not be the time when you think of big savings, there are plenty of items that retailers are marking down during this time of year. Here are five items to be on the look out for during the final month of summer.

1) Laptops. Along with Black Friday, August is the best time to buy a laptop. With the abundance of back-to-school deals, laptops are marked down at almost all retailers. Even if you’re not a student, now is the time to buy a laptop if you are in the market for one.

2) Grills. Once the Fourth of July and Pioneer Day holidays pass, retailers often mark down grills during the month of August.

3) Swimming Gear. Although the pool season may be almost over by the end of August, you can still buy your new swimsuit for next year. Swimming suits will be significantly marked down as retailers try to get rid of the latest summer clothing.

4) Patio Furniture. Patio furniture starts to go down in late August, so now may be the time to upgrade your outdoor space.

5) Gym Memberships. These are often best to buy towards the beginning of Summer, but bargains can sill be had in August. Since gym memberships have historically been low during the summer months, gyms often have low deals in hopes of enticing new customers.

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