How to Make This Year's Yard Sale Successful


Yard SaleWe have all heard the proverbial saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This is why yard sales are so appealing. One person is able to earn money while another obtains a new household item. Yet with yard sales, we hear of many success stories and also many failures. Now that it’s yard sale season, let’s make this year’s yard sale a successful one. Here are 10 ideas on how to have a successful yard sale:

1. Cater to early birds

Start your day early. You want the early-bird shoppers to start with you, so make sure that you open up early enough.

2. Check your calendar

Make sure that you are not scheduling your yard sale the same day as a holiday, festival, sporting event, or other celebration. You will miss out on a lot of shoppers if you do.

3. Look at the weather report

Check in advance what the weather is going to be like. No one wants to be out in the cold, especially if it’s raining. If it is going to rain, reschedule your yard sale. Less people will come out on a rainy day.

4. Scope out your competition

Before having your own yard sale, shop around at other yard sales. Research prices on items that you are going to sell so you can competitively price your items.

5. Visibility 

Make sure that items can be visibly seen. If that means borrowing tables from neighbors so you can place smaller items on them, do it. Shoppers do not want to bend over to see items. You will lose them before they buy something.

6. Test all electronics

Shoppers want to know if the electronics you are selling work. Make sure you test them before you put them out. Then, during the yard sale, make sure you have an extension cord handy that you can use to test the electronic device in front of the shoppers. Let them know that it does work.

7. Big ticket items

If you have big ticket items look for these items in ads so you can see where others are pricing the same item. If you price them too high, shoppers won’t buy it; but if you price it too low, you will be losing money. Do some research and see where others are pricing it at.

8. Items for men and women

If you have items that are specific to men or women, place them on different tables. Both will enjoy looking at the items for themselves.

9. Advertise your yard sale

Use the local newspaper, community boards, and KSL classifieds to advertise your sale before it happens. Shoppers are constantly browsing these sites.

10. Signs

On the day of the yard sale, don’t forget to put up signs. Make them bright and visible. Also make sure to take them down once the yard sale is over. Other home owners do not appreciate seeing these signs around their homes for weeks at a time. Be considerate of others.

These ideas can help you have a successful yard sale. Just remember to keep the money on you in a pouch instead of a money box on a table. That way, if you get distracted during the yard sale, the money is safe with you and not sitting on a table.

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