5 Practical Ways to Lower Your Summer Electric Bill


With summer in full swing, many consumers expect their electrical bill to rise with the increasing temperatures. Although there are multiple ways to reduce electricity usage, many are expensive and impractical for cost-sensitive families.

Here are 5 cost-efficient ways to reduce your summer-electric bill:

1) Use heavy drapes

Hanging heavy drapes over windows that are most exposed to the sun will greatly reduce the heat in your home. The opposite is also true during winter months; the heavy drapes will keep warm air inside during the cold months of the year.

2) Shut doors and vents to unused rooms

There’s no reason to waste energy on rooms that you’re not using. Closing doors and vents in unused rooms will efficiently cool down the places you really need.

3) Replace or clean AC filters regularly

Filters are used to keep dust, dirt, and other unwanted particles from blowing into your home. They should be replaced every 1-2 months. When filters become dirty, the air conditioning has to work harder, and potentially harmful particles are blown into your home.

4) Do laundry at night

Doing your laundry during the night-time hours will reduce the heat that is emitted during the hot hours of the day. Additionally, some power companies offer discounts for laundry that is done at night. Contact your power company to see if this is a viable option.

5) Turn lights off during the day

It can be easy for lights to be left on during the day when kids are running around the house. Teach kids to turn off lights after they leave rooms, and rely on natural light whenever possible.

While these steps are all relatively easy to do, consistently following them will make a difference come your next utility bill.

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