UCCU's BeMoneySmart Road Map

For kids, teens and in-betweens, UCCU’s BeMoneySmart banking program is an easy way to ensure kids and parents have a plan for financial success. Our BeMoneySmart Roadmap is an interactive tool that allows kids of all ages to learn the importance of financial responsibility. Our goal is to help teach your child how to save and spend money, and reward them for achieving their financial goals. No matter how old (or young) your child is, now is the time to learn MoneySmart behavior that will benefit his or her entire life.

Ages 0-5 years

Your child’s future can be unpredictable. From braces to summer camp, college and weddings, saving at a young age helps your children be as prepared as they can for the future. If you open a BeMoneySmart Savings Account for your baby before his or her first birthday, UCCU will make the first deposit of $10 to help your child’s financial journey. Our BeMoneySmart Youth Saver Account is the perfect way to continue saving for your child’s long-term goals. With high savings certificate yields and one free withdrawal per year you can keep your child on track.

Ages 6-12 years

As your child gets older, money awareness will grow more and more. These are the perfect years for your children to learn how money works and how they can benefit from saving it. The best way to help your kids understand money is through practice. When your children open an account, UCCU will give each of them their very own SmartSaver Rewards card. Every time your child makes a deposit, we’ll punch the card. After five punches, your child will earn special rewards. And the more punches they save, the better the reward!  The SmartSaver Rewards card is the perfect way to help your child learn how to set and achieve savings goals, and make every trip to UCCU a little more fun.

We also want to reward your child for working hard in school by giving your child $1 for each “A” (or equivalent grade) on their final report card.

Ages 12-15 years

By the teen and pre-teen years kids are starting to have a mind of their own. They want independence and more freedom. In order to transition into this phase of money management smoothly UCCU has an account designed especially for children under the age of 16. Your child will have their very own BeMoneySmart VISA check card. This means that every transaction is captured and recorded in your child’s online account-detail register, so you can see and track every single purchase your child makes. What better way for your children to learn how to keep track of their spending, and for you to teach them you how to properly budget their money?

We also offer a debit card that can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. Your teenager can use it to purchase whatever they need, and even things they want, and you can easily track their spending online.

Another great feature is eMoney Family Transfers system. If you owe your child some money for chores, or babysitting, avoid giving them cash and transfer the money into their account.

At UCCU we want our members to establish good money management habits and encourage you to start saving for your children’s future as soon as possible. Visit one of our conveniently located branches for more information. UCCU, Inspiring Smart Decisions.

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