Security Bulletin: P.F. Chang’s China Bistro and CyberVor Data Breaches

Several news agencies recently issued reports of significant data breaches, one involving P.F. Chang’s China Bistro and another regarding a Russian crime ring being called CyberVor. These stories are the latest in a string of breaches and data security concerns affecting over a billion people worldwide.

That’s why Utah Community Credit Union has now partnered with LifeLock®, the industry-leader in identity theft protection, to help safeguard your good name and your financial security. This partnership means UCCU members can sign up for LifeLock® services directly through UCCU and comes with a 10% discount exclusively for UCCU members on LifeLock’s identity monitoring and theft protection services.

Enroll for LifeLock®: Call 800-453-8188 | Visit Your Local Branch

More Information on Recent Data Breaches:

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro: P.F. Changs and a team of specialists have determined that a compromise occurred at 33 P.F. Chang’s China Bistro branded restaurant locations. At this time, none of the Utah locations have been included in the list of compromised restaurants.

For a list of the compromised locations, visit If you have visited one of the affected locations please contact UCCU at 800-453-8188. Many of our branch locations issue new cards on-the-spot. If you are unable to come in we can expedite your card replacement.

Russian Hackers: A data breach affecting up to 1.2 Billion passwords held at different businesses across the world was identified. This breach occurred by a Russian group currently being called CyberVor.

Your login credentials for UCCU’s Personal Branch and Mobile Banking were not directly targeted in this hack. However, we recommend that you refresh your login credentials from time to time to something new. If you would like to update your username or password simply login to Personal Branch and click on the Self-Service tab then click the option to Update Username/Password.

Multiple layers of security safeguard your UCCU account information. However, your information could have been compromised with other businesses and websites. In light of the CyberVor hack it is a good idea to change the passwords used at any website where sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, are stored.

UCCU takes security seriously and recommends that members enroll through UCCU for LifeLock’s identity monitoring and protection services.

LifeLock’s comprehensive identity theft solutions are backed by award-winning support, and sophisticated technology and monitoring. So while you’re busy connecting with friends, sharing photos and searching the web, LifeLock® and UCCU are busy scanning data for identity theft threats. Enroll now to take advantage of your 10% UCCU member discount: Visit your local branch or call 1-800-453-8188.


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    • It is really important to be vigilant when it comes to your finances because unfortunately, breaches in security can happen. To help you make the best decision about LifeLock call one of our Member Service Representatives at 800-453-8188 or visit your local branch.

      Because you are a UCCU member we can get you a discount and we can also give you all the information you need to make the best decision.

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