How to Survive Back to School

Heading into the new school year can be an exciting time, but also a stressful one. Use these helpful tips to get through this upcoming school year.

1. Ease into the new fall schedule

The first week of school is not the time to enforce earlier bedtimes. Try easing into the new school schedule by adjusting sleep schedules a few weeks in advance. Your family will thank you. If you have late risers, make sure to wake them up earlier and earlier each day until they are acclimated to their new school schedule. Try to keep meal times. It is really important to keep on top of your children’s meal schedule so younger children can adjust to their school eating schedule. Keep a consistent schedule for snacks and lunch particularly to help mimic their school schedule.

2. Create a centralized calendar

Keeping everything straight in your busy schedule can be difficult. Between school functions, meals,  lessons, and sports it can be practically impossible to manage your schedule. Set up a family calendar that allows you to keep track of everyone’s schedules, needs, appointments, and everything thing else in between. You can make it as simple, or as complex as you feel comfortable with, but make sure it works for you.

3. Make a back-to-school shopping plan before you shop

August is an extremely busy time for clothing retailers. Some begin their sales as early as July. Take the time to assess and catalog what each child already has and what they need. Take old, or worn-out clothing and either donate or store them. Have each child help you clean and organize their closets and dressers before adding anything to them. After getting rid of clothing the kids can’t or won’t use, see if there are any hand-me-downs you can give to the younger children. After you have made your lists, talk to the family and let them know what the budget is for clothing ahead of time to help avoid meltdowns in the store. For school supplies, see if you can get a list from your children’s school before the chaos of buying school supplies ensues. Be smart and shop smart when it comes to buying what your kids need—it will save time and money.

4. Get your paperwork together

Many times schools require medical documentation or other paperwork before your children begin their next school year. If this is the case, being prepared ahead of time will save you from frantic searches for birth certificates and vaccination records.

5. Make a plan to fight morning craziness

Mornings before school can be a battleground. Find easy ways to make your load a little lighter by setting out your children’s clothes, making sure breakfast foods are easily accessible, and backpacks and sports bags are already packed. Taking the time to plan and organize each night will save you in the mornings.

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