Annual Election Results

Every year during the month of May Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU) members have the opportunity to vote for their Board of Directors. The votes are in for this year’s annual elections and Teri Chatterton, Carine Clark and Michael Orme were all re-elected.

Teri Chatterton has been serving on the board for the past nine years. Before being on UCCU’s Board Teri served on UCCU’s Supervisory Committee for four years.

Carine Clark has over twenty years of experience building successful companies giving her valuable insight for UCCU.

Michael Orme has been serving on the Board since 1989 and, in addition to being re-elected, will be serving as Chairman for the coming year. This will be Michael’s fourth time serving as Chairman of the Board. Michael Orme is a lifelong supporter of the credit union movement. He plans to continue to strengthen UCCU in these challenging economic times by following correct and time-tested principles and financially safe, fiscally conservative policies.

UCCU’s members are fortunate to have such experienced professionals on its Board. All three elected Board members are BYU graduates and they are enthusiastic about moving UCCU forward during these historic economic times.

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