Four Generations of Being Money Smart

Teaching your children the importance of financial responsability today will set
them on a course for success their entire lives… and maybe even longer. Just ask
Julie Best.

Julie’s financial journey began over 50 years ago when her father, Fred Childs,
opened her first account with Utah Community Credit Union in 1962. Of
course, back then, UCCU was still known as BYU Employee’s Federal Credit Union.
And Fred Childs was a BYU employee, a member of the credit union, and a father
who wanted to help his children prepare for their futures.

“My Dad not only taught my brothers and sister and I how to save for the
future,” Julie recalls, “but also about the importance of managing our money. How
to stay out of debt and make our money work for us and grow.”

Building upon the lessons taught to her by her dad, Julie kept her account, and
kept it growing, throughout her youth. In 1975, Julie graduated from Orem
High School and enrolled at BYU. Two years later, she married John Best, a
recently returned LDS missionary (and Julie’s high school sweetheart). And
while marriage brought big changes to Julie’s life, her relationship with UCCU
remained the same.

“When I got married, I told John that I wanted to keep my UCCU account,” she
said.” Because I loved how UCCU helped me and served my family. Plus, when I
looked at banks, I saw that they all had so many fees and that just made no sense
to me. So I knew I wanted to stay with UCCU. And then my husband joined, as well.”

Over the years, as Julie and John started a family of their own, Julie found herself
in a position to help her own children plan for the future and learn the value
of financial responsibility. And like her father, Julie turned to UCCU for help,
opening Youth Savers accounts for all four of her kids.

“We wanted to teach our children the value of money and the importance of
staying out of debt,” she said. “The Youth Savers accounts helped them learn how
to set aside a percentage of their money for savings and how to start planning for
their future. Most of all, it taught them to be self-reliant.”

Julie also loved that Mom was on all of their accounts so that she could keep
track of what her children were doing and help guide their progress.

As the Bests raised their children, Julie made time to continue her education
through BYU independent course study. Today, three of their children have
graduated from BYU. And their youngest (who is currently serving an LDS mission)
plans to attend BYU when she returns home. John received a Masters Degree in
Public Administration from BYU. As for Julie… she returned to BYU, where she
earned her Bachelors of Science in 2003. And through the years, the entire family
kept their UCCU accounts. In fact, Julie’s son now has three young children of his
own, and all three of them are part of the UCCU BeMoneySmart program.

“It’s so important to teach your children good financial habits,” Julie said, “and
the credit union is the perfect place to do that. The BeMoneySmart Youth Banking
Program is something that families can do together and it makes it interactive
and fun.”

Today, Julie enjoys being a grandmother and working as a travel agent for Morris
Murdock Travel in Orem. And as her family enters their fourth generation
of UCCU membership, Julie is amazed to have experienced a relationship
with UCCU that’s lasted more than five decades.

“The name has changed over the years,”she said, “but the mission has always
stayed the same. There is such a level of trust because we’ve been with UCCU for
generations and we’ve seen them take care of our family.”

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