Meet Steve


Have a question about a real estate loan? UCCU has the answer:

Call Steve.

Sounds simple, right? UCCU prefers to think of it as a simple solution to a complex need.

Steve Hart’s official title is UCCU Mortgage Leads Manager. But Steve prefers to think of himself as “The Voice” of UCCU’s mortgage department.

“When it comes to getting a home loan – any loan – most people have a lot of questions,” Steve said. “And when you need help, getting referred to a generic call center or a computer voice can be really frustrating.” UCCU was founded in 1955 on the simple ideal of “people helping people.” And as the credit union grew over six decades, that simple ideal has remained a top priority.

“When you have a question about something as important as a mortgage,” Steve said, “you need to be able to call and talk to a real person. An expert. UCCU understands that. They saw this need and created a position to fill it.”

Today, UCCU offers every type of real estate loan. But while everyone’s situation is different, anyone can call Steve Hart and get the help they need for both residential and construction loans.

So if you’re wondering what your best options are for a home loan, call Steve. If you have a question about a loan you’re applying for or already have, call Steve. If you’re a member of UCCU – or not – call Steve. Steve Hart will answer the phone and make sure you get the help you need.

Steve’s experience with UCCU spans more than 26 years, beginning in the Visa department and continuing through consumer lending, home equity lending, and managing the UCCU Spanish Fork branch. Before becoming “The Voice,” Steve spent ten years working with long-term mortgages.

“That’s one of the reasons this position is such a good fit for me,” Steve said, “I can bring my experience from many different areas to it.”

Steve also loves that he can help UCCU employees as he helps members with their loans.

“I support the loan officers wherever I can,” he said. “If I can take some of the pressure off of them, then they can do their jobs better. It’s a great system that helps everyone.”

Depending on the needs of the person calling in, Steve will either help the person himself, from start to finish, or find the right expert who can provide the assistance the caller needs. Steve also reviews online mortgage applications to make sure they get in the hands of the right people and have everything they need to be successful for the applicants.

“I enjoy it. It’s fantastic. I have a job where I get to help people and that’s what I do,” Steve said. “I pick up the phone. I listen and I give straight answers. It’s an old-fashioned approach to helping people, but it’s often exactly what they need.”

So if you have a question – any question – about a real estate or construction loan, finding the answer is easy. Just call UCCU. And ask for Steve.

Steve Hart: 801.223.7756

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