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With over 30 years of experience in Information Technology, Teri Chatterton understands how complex technologies can simplify our lives.

After graduating from the BYU Marriot School of Finance, Teri began working as a student programmer at the university, helping to pioneer new technology and processes that would benefit students and faculty. In fact, BYU was the first university in the nation to utilize touchtone student registration and Teri was a part of the team that made it happen.

Today, Teri works as the lead engineer for the BYU Business Intelligence team as she serves on the UCCU Board of Directors. We asked her to share some of her thoughts on the future (and present) of technology at UCCU.

What first drew you to a career in Information Technology?

What really interests me in information technology is how it has the ability to simplify a person’s life. It’s all about: ‘How can we make things easier?’ That’s why I’m really excited about mobile banking. It’s a great experience for our members and getting better all the time.

Will you tell us a little about UCCU Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking gives us the ability to easily manage our money anywhere, anytime. So if you’re standing in line and remember that you need to transfer money, or make a credit card payment, or pay the babysitter – no problem. You’re in complete control of your money, all the time. Mobile Banking also provides tools that can help us make better decisions with our money and that can really benefit our lives.

What excites you about what’s happening today with Information Technology? 

Today, our smart phones are so much more than phones. They’re our personal assistants. They’re management tools. They help make us more efficient with our lives so we can have more time to focus on the things that really matter to us. Our families. Our passions. And I find that really hopeful. That’s what I see technology doing for us.

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