Fun and FREE Things to Do With Your Family This Spring

After being cooped up all winter, you’re probably as anxious as your kids are to get outside and play in this warm spring weather! There is so much to do around Utah Valley year-round, but now that it’s a little warmer, you can take advantage of some fun springtime activities to get you out of your stuffy house. (For spring cleaning tips from your friends at UCCU, click here.) Below are some ideas to help you get started on a fun spring season for your family – without breaking the bank.

Go to a local park – this warm weather is something to celebrate! Grab a Frisbee or a kite and find a park in your neighborhood to just run around and enjoy feeling like a kid!

Feed ducks – baby ducklings are starting to make an appearance. Take your kids to a pond or river to see if you can spot a family of ducks and give them your old bread crusts.

Go on a hike or a bike ride – Utah has some of the best hiking spots in the country, many of which are here in Utah and Wasatch counties. Many of these hikes are suitable for younger kids. Of course, if you’re looking for more high-adventure hikes, there are plenty of those, too. Biking with your family is also a great, active way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful trails.

Visit a museum – Get your creative juices flowing by visiting a museum to learn about history, art, or science. Many museums are free, or at least free or discounted for kids. Use your museum trip to inspire other fun activities you can do, such as watercolor painting or doing science experiments at home.

Visit a library – Just because the kids will be out of school soon doesn’t mean that their brains have to turn to mush! Take a trip to your local library and let everyone pick a book to read. You could even start a book club with your kids or with all the neighborhood kids.

Have a picnic – Enjoy that neighborhood park again or your backyard to have a delicious springtime picnic. Pack a basket full of delicious snacks and foods and some books or a ball to toss around when lunch is over.

City Easter Eggs hunts – many cities throughout Utah County host Easter Egg hunts that are free for children. Visit your city’s website to see when a free Easter Egg hunt is happening near you.

What are fun things that your family likes to do in the springtime?


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