V.me by VISA

If the thought of entering your credit card to make a purchase online makes you wary, you’re not the only one. Sensitivity to online purchases helps protect you against stolen credit card information and identity theft. Now, you don’t have to worry about giving your UCCU card information away everywhere you shop online. Visa is excited to announce the new V.me program. V.me is a way for you to enter your credit card information only once, on Visa’s secure network, and V.me becomes the third party through which all your online purchases are made. Not only is V.me safer than entering card information all over the internet, but it’s also much more convenient to know there’s one place your information resides and through which all transactions will be processed. V.me also stores your shipping and card information, so you don’t have to enter it afresh every time you make a purchase! Best of all, V.me is a free service. Fast, free, and safe. What more could you need?  Visit V.me today for more information and to get started!

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