President's Message February 2014



It’s with a heavy heart that we eulogize our dear friend and colleague Nathan Hales.  He was a pillar of the credit union for over 22 years and leaves a void in our hearts and in the credit union that will never be filled.

Nathan was a friend to all, conscientious and considerate, always willing to take time out of an extremely busy schedule to listen and help.  For this very reason he became the face of the IT department.  Employees always sought him out for help with problems or to be part of their project team.  We all knew that we could rely on Nate above anyone else – that if it could be done Nate was the one who would ensure that it was.  His willingness to take on any task left him at the credit union many late nights and weekends.

I remember spending an entire Christmas Eve at the credit union with Nathan as we worked to restore a crashed computer system.  We worked late into the night only leaving for home when we realized nothing else could be done.  Nate then arrived early Christmas Day to receive the new computer parts and spent the day installing and preparing the system for the busy next day.  Employees and members who came in that day never knew of his work and sacrifice – and that is exactly how Nate liked it.  He never wanted the spotlight.  He never sought attention or glory or position.  He worked because there was work to do and people to help.

Yet, despite his tremendous work ethic, family always came first.  He would bring his family to work during extremely busy projects so that he could spend time with them.  He would leave work early for school events and then come back late in the evening after putting the kids to bed to finish projects.  I don’t know if Nate had any hobbies besides his family.  Their accomplishments will be his legacy.

Our fondest memory may be of the adoption of Jessa.  The incredible sacrifice of Nate and his family, along with the generous financial donations from employees changed the life of this sweet, little Chinese orphan in ways that can never be counted.  This act of pure love epitomized Nathan and demonstrated why he and we all love to work here – we are family.  We care.  And we will carry on his legacy.

As a memorial to Nathan, I am pleased to announce on behalf of the Board of Directors and management of UCCU, the Nathan E. Hales Data Center located in the Riverwoods building.  He will never be forgotten for his commitment to the credit union nor his friendship to all he knew and loved him.

Please take the time to watch the video tribute to Nathan, found here.


Jeff Sermon


Utah Community Credit Union

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