Three Tips to Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

Yes, we all have lofty goals and high expectations on January 1, but tackling all of your goals all at once can lead to burnout by February. Make 2014 the year of big changes and use these tips to keep your resolutions this year.

Think small.

Make a list of your goals and resolutions, but don’t stop there. Without giving yourself a way to accomplish these goals, you’re just making a list of impossibles. Break down the goals into small steps and focus on accomplishing the baby steps. Instead of trying to tackle “Get out of Debt” for a whole year, make the first goals to accomplish a large goal something more manageable like: “Make a budget and stick to it for one month.” Then, make the next goal “Update budget to cut back on frivolous purchases and put that money towards debt pay-off.” These mini-goals will help you to realize the big goals that make you the person you want to become in 2014.

Focus on the Positives

“Don’t eat sweets and treats.” vs. “Eat healthy snacks.”

Which seems more doable? Which seems more fun? When you make your goals with a positive spin, you are more likely to accomplish them. Who wants to beat themselves up whenever they do something that they “can’t” do? Instead, make your goals lists of things that you CAN do and you’ll find yourself more motivated to keep your goals.

Make Mistakes

Maybe your New Year’s goal is to run every day so that you can reach a bigger goal of being healthier. You do a really great job for a week, but then one night you stay up way too late, so you can’t take your job the next morning, and you get swamped with work and with meeting up with some friends and before you know it, you’re crashing into bed at the end of the day without having gone on your jog. Does that make you a failure? NO! Does it mean that your goal is ruined? NO! It means that you didn’t do your goal for one day, but you can pick back up the next day and keep going! Don’t get discouraged by a hiccup – just keep working towards your goals and don’t look back!

Share with us your goals for 2014!

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