President's Message October 2013




Financial Uncertainty All Around Us

With all the financial and political craziness going on around us, it is nice to know that there are some things you can always count on. UCCU is one of those partners you can rely on to provide you and your family with valuable and trusted financial services and products –even during chaotic times.

We hope that governments and industry can soon make progress bringing some order to financial policies and political processes. It seems unwise to continue down a path of growing national debt – exacerbated by uncontrolled spending trends. Individuals, families, communities, and certainly governments can operate and serve best if they are following sound financial principles and making wise financial choices.  Let’s hope they keep working at it until they get it right!

Reducing Financial Uncertainty in Our Lives

In the meantime, Americans continue working toward reaching their own financial goals. UCCU exists to help provide members with the tools, products, and information to set and achieve important financial goals. We take that responsibility very seriously. We work hard so that your hard-earned dollars are protected and that they are used wisely and go just as far as they can. We are privileged to be your financial partner – a position we value highly. We remain committed to deserving your continued trust and business by providing you world-class service.

We are constantly upgrading and adding to our electronic and digital channels – giving you safe and convenient access to the credit union and your account 24/7.

In addition to our 18 conveniently located branch offices, on-line and mobile access means your can also take the credit union with you- wherever you go.  Free checking, low-rate loans, and quick-turn-around mortgage loans, make the credit union a smart choice for you and your family. We even offer our traveling members added security and convenience – we are the first financial institution in the State of Utah to offer the VISA EMV Chip Card for use in Europe and soon in the U.S.  This new technology provides credit union members  safer and more convenient global access to their accounts when traveling abroad.

Home Equity Loans

Members are taking advantage of low rates and UCCU’s professional staff as they set up Home Equity Loans or Home Equity Lines of Credit. As home prices rise, a low-rate Home Equity Loan at UCCU can be a wise tool in taking care of needed home improvements, repairs, or other projects.  You can get more details at any of our branches or by visiting the website at or by calling 801-223-7650.

Here For You

Whatever economic or political cycles we are experiencing, we plan on being your trusted financial partner. UCCU is strong and stable. Capital continues to grow, membership is flourishing as more and more individuals and families are making the move to UCCU.  We invite you to take full advantage of your membership at UCCU and experience the savings you seek and the financial advice you want from your credit union. We are here for you!

Jeff Sermon


Utah Community Credit Union

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  • Can you guarantee that UCCU member deposits will not be confiscated like in Cyprus if the Fed deems it necessary to save the Banks?

  • I think these letters from the president would be more useful if they
    if they focused less on his personal political opinions and more on
    personal finance. I’ve read a number of these letters many that contain
    his opinion of our nations financial state and am unimpressed by his oversimplified, cursory hip-shot analysis. Is he a macro-economist and as well as the president of UCCU?

    • Few outside influences can have as much of an impact on our personal finances as the decisions of our government. I personally feel comfort that the CEO of my Credit Union has such an interst in me. I would expect no less from the President of a financial institution than to be involved, informed and highly opinionated concerning our government’s decisions and direction. I completely agree with his anaysis and am glad that he cares so much.

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