Member Memos: Laurel Swenson


Learning Outside the Classroom

By Greg Bennett

Not everything you learn in college happens in the classroom. For Laurel Swenson of Spanish Fork, college days taught her how to live on a budget, manage her finances and how to keep a big-picture approach to her money. Here she shares other things she learned.

How long have you been a member of UCCU?

I joined UCCU just before I graduated high school. UCCU helped me map out my finances by showing me the best options to spend and save wisely while a student. I like them so much I stuck around, even while living out of state and in Salt Lake County for a bit.

What financial challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

Last year was full of surgeries and doctors’ visits. Sometimes I felt like I was living bill to bill. It was in that time I was able to look at my spending and my budget. I had to look at the big picture. I even went into a branch and spoke with someone to make sure my accounts were set up in the best way possible to help me make it through that stressful time.

What is your favorite aspect of banking with UCCU?

The staff members at UCCU go above and beyond. Each time I go into a branch they greet me with a smile and answer my questions thoroughly. I know my information is safe with them. Last fall I lost my debit card while attending a concert. As soon as UCCU was alerted, they followed up with me to ensure my account was safe and continued to monitor it for a bit after.

How do you make decisions about financial matters?

I think about my long-term goals. If I spend money on something I want in the moment, I won’t have that money when it’s time for me to go back to school, buy a house or go on a fun vacation. If I spend wisely and plan for the future I can do all those fun things – like have a home of my own and vacations.


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