Traveling Made Easier with EMV Chip Card


Flying to France for the holidays? Roadtripping to Rexburg? UCCU is here to make sure your needs are met when you’re traveling far and wide…or if you’re happier hanging out at home.

UCCU is proud to introduce the Global Platinum Credit Card which features new EMV Chip technology.

EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) chipcard technology is a global standard for credit payments cards. Already in regular use in Europe, the EMV chip card technology is quickly becoming the norm in the U.S.

The new UCCU Global Platinum Credit Card has the traditional magnetic stripe you are accustomed to, and also features this new, secure EMV chip technology. The customary magstripe is used for swiping the card, while EMV chip technology uses a chip-reader machine to read the card. The new UCCU Global Platinum Credit Card has both the magstripe for swiping and the chip for chip-readers.

The EMV chip is more secure against card fraud than cards that rely only on the magnetic stripe.

Use your UCCU Global Platinum Credit Card with confidence both locally and abroad; your card with EMV Chip technology will provide you more convenience and security than you’ve ever had before.

Visit with a member service representative about getting your UCCU Global Platinum Credit Card. Or visit us online at

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