President's Message September 2013: Your Health Care Questions Answered


What started as a rumble in the distance is now a stampede of over 10,000 people a day turning age 65 across the United States.

For those nearing age 65, the reality is finding that they have been added to unwanted mailing lists created by countless organizations and health insurance carriers seeking their future membership. With the prospect of so much marketing material being sent to you, it is difficult to know what is actually important versus what should end up in the recycling bin.

I have chosen to focus my message this month on what UCCU is doing to provide trusted answers relating to questions about Medicare plans, Health insurance (individual and group) plans, and Health Care Reform. This timely topic stems from our members’ continued requests for credible resources to help navigate through the new healthcare landscape and to offer educational sources they can trust.

I’m happy to announce the UCCU Financial Group, a carefully selected collection of third-party financial service providers who demonstrate the values, integrity, and experience UCCU members deserve and need.

First, we are pleased to introduce Senior Benefits Insurance Services (SBIS). The team of specialists at SBIS stands ready to answer your most difficult Medicare questions. Together with UCCU, they will be providing Medicare education through group member meetings hosted at our branches and corporate office on a monthly basis beginning in September. These meetings are for educational purposes only. The goal of these meetings is to arm you with the core basics of Medicare – not to try to sell you on a specific product. The dedicated team is also available to assist you at any time over the phone or in person, at no charge.

In an effort to provide educational resources to our community, SBIS will be hosting no cost, no obligation, one-hour “Medicare 101” presentations throughout the valley.

Remember that these seminars are no-obligation, and completely free. They are simply for you to get information and to answer any questions you may have about Medicare. For questions about the seminars, call 1.888.582.7744.

Another looming reality is the introduction of Health Care Reform. Most of you have questions about the Individual Mandate and the tax penalties associated with not having health insurance. You may also have questions regarding the Insurance Exchanges and whether they are a viable option for you to consider. Others may have questions regarding the premium subsidies offered by the government to those that may qualify.

To help you be ready for what lies ahead, we are also pleased to introduce Miller & Wade Insurance Agency. The team of specialists at MillerWade has over 25 years of experience in the individual and group health insurance marketplace Together with UCCU, they will be a trusted resource for answering questions relating to Health Care Reform, Individual and Group Health Insurance, and other products relating to individual and group insurance. They will be able to help you determine the viability of the new Insurance Exchanges (Marketplace for Individuals and Avenue H for Small Businesses), as well as answer questions relating to the changes/requirements associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

MillerWade will be hosting workshops over the next several months relating to Health Care Reform. Look for a schedule of where and when they will be held. They have also developed a user-friendly website exclusive for UCCU members.

We are confident you will find these two partners to be a valuable source of help and assistance in the coming weeks and months. UCCU remains healthy and ready to provide you and your family the tools you need to make smart financial decisions and to be ready for what lies ahead. Please visit UCCU Financial Group online to discover all they have to offer.

We are proud to be your financial partner and hope that you will take full advantage of your membership at UCCU!

Jeff Sermon


Utah Community Credit Union

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