I’ve Just Graduated High School…How Do I Pay for College?!

You have graduated from high school; you’re on to bigger and better things. You have applied to and picked the university you’d like to attend. Now the question is: how are you going to pay for it?

Attending university or college is expensive. You have to worry about tuition, textbooks, rent, food, and even tickets to university events. Don’t worry – there are tons of options for you to make sure you can afford your college experience.

Research options for scholarships. Thousands of dollars of scholarship money go unused every year – make sure you take full advantage of your deserved scholarship money by doing basic research on which scholarships you qualify for. Check out www.collegescholarships.org or www.schoolsoup.com to get started. There are also programs for financial aid and grants through the government. You go to http://www.studentaid.ed.gov/ to enter in your information and it will tell you how qualified you are for these government grants.

One of the most basic ways you can afford to go to college is by taking a campus job. Campus employers are usually flexible with class schedules, and a campus job can also further your resume and educational skills. Plus, having a campus job will ultimately help you earn money to help you eke out a living month to month.

Saving and budgeting your paycheck and any aid you might receive from your parents will ultimately be a huge determining factor in your finances throughout college. Blowing your money and forgetting to keep track of expenditures will only lead to a perpetually empty checking account. Using a budgeting tool, like UCCU’s Money Manager on the Personal Branch, will help you keep track of your income and expenditures, and help you visualize where you can cut back and where your money needs to go.

Finally, applying for and taking out a student loan can be a good way to help you meet your financial responsibilities as you pay for college. Make sure you do your research to make the payments in a timely manner or else you’re going to end up paying off your student loans for the rest of your life. Visit https://uccu.lendkey.com/ for more information on how to apply for a student loan.

College is a really exciting time of life. Enjoy the experiences you’ll have and make sure you keep using UCCU’s financial guidance to help you make smart decisions through your college years.

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One thought on “I’ve Just Graduated High School…How Do I Pay for College?!

  1. I worked to pay for my college experience and have taught my kids as they grow how to work themselves to make the money needed as well. There is usually some kind of job you can get to help pay for college and I would suggest working full time for a summer or perhaps a year prior to starting college just to save up for an easier beginning.

    Ultimately, I’m working to get my kids learning how to make money way ahead of time and hope to have them saving for college while in high school. I think too many of our youth have lost that drive and need to learn how to work earlier in life so they can prepare for whatever is coming in the future.

    We’ve been eBay sellers for many years so that is something they see every day and something they will be able to learn to always have as an option. Even at 10 my son recognizes this opportunity to make money when he wants something.

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