Five Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is a perfect time of year to dust out the old cobwebs (literally) of wintertime and ready your home for the upcoming warmer months. Many people participate in some sort of spring cleaning as it reflects the rejuvenating nature of the season. There are many benefits to spring cleaning, including the obvious, such as upkeep on your home to avoid costly repairs later, health benefits due to cleaning out your living environment, as well as emotional and mental health benefits surrounding cleanliness and the process of cleaning. All in all, spring cleaning is a great way to improve your wellness and your living environment.

1. Spring cleaning usually involves lots of laundry. Consider installing a clothesline. This will save money on electricity spent on dryer costs.

2. Open the windows! Choose a low-pollen day to avoid allergies, and give your home a day-long airing. This will circulate out stagnant air and, by so doing, let in fresh air and natural sunshine. Clean air in your home will make you feel better and drastically reduce airborne germs. This is also a perfect time to clean windowsills and blinds, to avoid mold and dust buildup.

3. Take the time to replace batteries in smoke detectors and make sure your carbon monoxide detector is functioning as well. Speaking of batteries and saving energy, unplug your devices when you’re not using them. Even on standby mode, these appliances suck energy.

4. This is a perfect time to go through all the closets and cupboards and pull out anything you haven’t used in over a year. This purging process will eliminate chaos and clutter.

5. Don’t neglect outdoor spring cleaning. The exterior of your home needs care, too. Clearing clogged drain pipes, pruning overgrown hedges, and reviving your yard are all tasks that need to be done to keep your home in prime working order.

There are a few tips to make your spring cleaning more effective and to really make a difference in your home. The effect of a job well done will be cathartic for you and the results will be invigorating.


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