Home Improvement Tips for Spring!

Springtime is just around the corner. This is the time of year where people emerge from their homes where they’ve been holed away all winter to start freshening themselves and their surroundings. Spring cleaning is therapeutic and will improve your quality of life, plus it’s actually pretty simple. Each of the following home improvement tips takes less than a day and will freshen your home and reinvigorate you, so you’re ready to welcome the new season.

Forget about buying all the fancy cleaners and new organizing bins – don’t rush out to buy anything. Chances are that you don’t need to buy any more stuff. Save the money and utilize the resources you already have. By going through your stuff and getting rid of it, you’ll find that you don’t need to buy more stuff in which to store the stuff you already have! Home improvements come with the territory of spring cleaning. As you’re going from room to room, get rid of all the appliances that don’t work, all the things you never use, the duplicate items. You can sell or donate these items – both of which are financially wise decisions. By selling the items, you’ll earn money. By donating the items, you’ll be able to write those items off as a tax-deduction.

On the first sunny, warm day, as you’re going through the stuff in your home, open all the windows in your home to start fresh air circulating. During the winter months, we are trapped in our homes breathing in pollutants due to poor interior air circulation, poor outdoor air quality that comes inside and does not leave, heating systems, household cleaning products, and winter germs that swirl around in your house. So, open those windows and let the fresh air in!

This is also a perfect time to get a car check-up. Before the summer road trips but after the hashing your car endures during the winter months, your car needs to be inspected to make sure everything is still in working condition. If you do it early in the season, you’ll save money by beating the summer rush of full repair shops.

Keeping on top of basic exterior maintenance will help you save money in the long run. Check out your exterior air conditioning and heating filters, your water pipes, and your gutters. Cleaning these out now will prevent future damage and costly repair. Also, preparing early in the season will help you plan the projects that you need to do in the coming months and seasons.  In order to help with any home improvement projects, consider applying for a UCCU Signature Loan. The low rates make the signature loan the perfect loan for whatever projects you might be undertaking this spring. Visit www.uccu.com/loanpersonal to apply today.

Start your spring home improvements today to save money and get ready for the warmer months ahead!

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