What You Need to Know About Consolidating Your Loans


If you’re debating whether or not you should consolidate your loans, take the time to consider why consolidating loans is generally a good idea. Consolidating loans is beneficial, as it helps you lower your interest rates and cut down your monthly payments, or even reduce them down to one monthly payment for the sake of convenience. Other benefits of consolidating all your loans include a reduction of late fees and getting rid of your debt more quickly. Obviously, it’s very useful to have all your loans and payments in one convenient location, which also makes it easier for you to budget your money and time.  Utah Community Credit Union offers a 1% cash-back promotion when you move your loans to UCCU. UCCU will actually give you 1% cash back on your loan, up to $250. Visit any UCCU branch to speak with a Member Service Representative to consolidate your loans today. You can also learn about UCCU’s new Signature Loan!

UCCU’s Signature Loan, starting at the low rate of 4.99%, is exactly the loan for everything you might need, either for helping you consolidate, or for any other reason. Life can be unpredictable and sometimes it’s nice to just have a little loan to get you to the next chapter. Or, you may find that taking out a signature loan to pay for an extended vacation may be a better financial decision for your family than paying out of pocket or dipping into a savings account. Visit with a Member Service Representative today to apply for a Signature Loan today and take advantage of our great rates!

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