Four Ways to Make Your Resolutions a Reality


The beginning of a fresh new year is the perfect time to re-evaluate your habits and your goals and to make some changes to help you live a healthier, happier, more frugal life. However, as many of us know, New Years’ resolutions often fall by the wayside come February. The following list will help you to make resolutions that you can actually reach and will tell you exactly how to realize your resolutions.

1. The More Specific, The Better

The more specific your resolution is, the easier it will be to keep it. Specificity will make the goal or task feel more reachable and it will also allow you to see more immediate results. For example, a non-specific resolution is to save more money. However, with a goal as broad and as vague as that, you’ll be hard-pressed to make some real changes. If you modify your goal to be more specific, then you’ll be much more motivated to actually keep it. In keeping with the “save more money” example, you can modify the resolution to be something like “save more money by bringing a lunch to work and putting the money I would have spent to go out into a savings account.” This goal with a specified action will help you actually do something and also will ultimately help you reach the broader goal of saving more money.

2. Don’t Keep it a Secret

Another great tactic for realizing your resolutions is to share your resolution with others. Keeping a resolution to quit going out for fast food isn’t going to be very effective if you never tell your coworkers who keep inviting you out for lunch. Sharing your goal holds you accountable to more than just yourself, and also will help you build a support network of people to encourage you. Who knows, you might get more people on board to join you in your resolution

3. Replace old habits with positive habits

Consider the difference between these two resolutions: “Stop making impulse purchases at when shopping” and “Stick to a budget of X amount when I go to the mall.” The second resolution is likely to be much more successful because it is a positive resolution. By replacing the bad habit with a good one, you’ll have accomplish more, and more successfully than if you are just eliminating a bad habit without any sort of anything to fill up that “space.”

4. Re-evaluate your resolutions

Just because you make a resolution does not mean you can’t modify it. If you find that a particular resolution is not working for you, change it so that it does! You have the power to modify, to break your resolution down into tinier, more manageable steps. Modify the goal when you realize you want to change your end result. Change as needed to make you be as successful as you can possibly be. Don’t let yourself be afraid to make a necessary change in order to reach your highest potential.

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