Earn Free Money by Using the BeMoneySmart Debit Register!


It’s important for kids to understand how their credit union account works…and it’s usually better that they learn before they leave home. The BeMoneySmart youth banking program at UCCU allows kids ages 1-15 and their parents to learn together how to be financially independent and responsible. The BeMoneySmart program features several tools to help both parents and kids on the road to financial responsibility. One of these tools is the BeMoneySmart Debit Register.

The BeMoneySmart Debit Register is an effective tool for teaching kids and teens how to manage and track their money. The register, which comes with a protective sleeve, can easily be carried around allowing children to track each of their checking transactions, from deposits to debit purchases. This is a useful tool to learn both financial responsibility and the skills to keep track of money. Parents can use the BeMoneySmart Register as a tool to teach their kids the principles of budgeting before they’re old enough to use UCCU’s Money Manager within Personal Branch. As part of the BeMoneySmart Program, UCCU will reward each participant with $10 for each debit register that is filled out completed and returned to a UCCU branch.

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