Youth Banking at UCCU


Since its initial launch, UCCU’s BeMoneySmart program has been a success in teaching kids how to manage money wisely. With the new re-launch of the program, our goal is continue teaching kids wise saving and spending habits to teach them to be financially savvy individuals. With the re-launch of the program, we aim to teach kids, but we also aim to teach parents how they can best help their children to become more financially responsible at various stages of their childhood.

The new BeMoneySmart program features a “”Roadmap” for children, a fun and interactive way for kids to begin their journey of financial responsibility, starting from infanthood through the early teenage years. The roadmap is designed especially for children to understand how they can take responsibility for their finances early in their lives.

The BeMoneySmart program isn’t just for kids, though. There are several tips for parents that correspond with the Roadmap, so that parents can follow along with their child, so together they can foster an environment of financial learning.

Tips for parents include things such as:

–          Stay informed! Set up eLerts to be notified via email or text whenever a transaction occurs on your child’s account.

–          Help your child set up Direct Deposit when they get their first job.

Many more tips like these are available for the parents and more information is available for kids on the BeMoneySmart website at

Don’t wait until your kid is out of the house to attempt to teach them how to be financially responsible. Teach them from a young age to BeMoneySmart!

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