How to Help Your Children While They’re in School

The back-to-school season is fully upon us! Your children have now begun a new school year with new classes and new teachers. In the fun of the back-to-school season it’s hard to remember that homework, exams, and busy schedules are soon to come. With your help, your child can succeed this school year without falling victim to apathy.

Help your child get back into the swing of things by establishing a daily schedule. The regularity of a schedule will enable your child to get into a routine to ensure that he or she is as successful as possible. Establishing a morning routine will allow your child to eat a good breakfast to prep him or her for a full school day. A morning routine will also be helpful as they gather homework and assignments due that day. Having an after-school routine is just as important as having a morning routine. Establishing an after-school routine can be a system that you and your child work out together. Figure out when and where your child will do homework, what limits there are on playing at friends’ houses and TV time.

While it’s important to set a framework in which your child can find success, perhaps the most important thing you can do to help your child succeed is to be engaged in their learning. Read with your child and ask questions about the reading material to facilitate critical thinking.    Some people have their children help them with paying bills as a financial learning experience. Your child can become proficient in writing checks or using Bill Pay as well as the lost art of balancing a checkbook. This will enhance the basic addition and subtraction skills they are learning in elementary school. For older students, teaching them about basic budgeting will give them some responsibility over their own finances and also supplement the math they learn in school.

Helping your child succeed in school takes effort and planning. Making the effort to discuss a workable routine with your child will build trust between you and your child and will help your child thrive in an environment conducive to educational success. Participating in your child’s learning will supplement what they learn at school and also help your child see the practical application of what they are learning. The efforts a parent puts in to working one-on-one with their child will yield big result.

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