President’s Message May 2012

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One of our often forgotten blessings is the opportunity to participate in elections at many levels. Participating in elections gives us a voice in how our cities, states, and nation operate. Other organizations also let us impact policy and volunteer our efforts to make a difference in our community. We encourage everyone to participate in the important elections this year. Exercising your right to vote not only helps achieve positive outcomes, but lets us express our gratitude for the freedoms we have.

You also have a vote at UCCU
As a member and owner of UCCU, you can participate in our annual board elections. Utah Community Credit Union is served by a nine-member volunteer board of directors elected by the membership of the credit union

This month you have the opportunity to cast your ballot and elect your UCCU Board of Directors. Utah Community Credit Union has been extremely well served through the years by outstanding board members who come from the best of business and community leaders in our area. Credit union members have a history of electing capable and principled credit union board members. The leadership provided by the Board has guided the credit union in historic growth and success. They have provided policies and direction that have built integrity and financial strength of the credit union . The credit union’s continued growth, high ratings, positive audits, and strong financial capital position underscore the importance of electing top-notch leaders to the Board of Directors .

Be Sure to Vote
Please review the candidate’s biographical information included in this newsletter. You can vote at any of our branches or online at  It will only take you a minute or two to impact the continued success of the credit union. Voting runs from May 7th through May 18th.

The Credit Union exists to serve members
As a not-for-profit financial institution, UCCU exists solely to serve the financial needs of its members. We are aware of this important responsibility. Our goal is to be your first choice financial partner. As a member, you can expect to come first. Our friendly and professional staff works hard to meet your needs and offer you excellent service.  We are successful to the degree that we provide members the services and information to help them successfully  manage their financial affairs and make wise financial decisions. Take full advantage of your membership and use us for all we’re worth!

Jeff Sermon
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  • Thank you for keeping us on track, Phil. We have made the changes that you have brought to our attentions and voting goes from May 7th to the 18th. We invite you to visit any of our branches to to make your vote and receive a free gift. While supplies last. Thanks again.

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