Visa Gift Cards

Visa Gift Cards
UCCU offers Visa Gift Cards

Make it easy
Why spend hours at the mall or wrapping gifts? Save time and make it easy on yourself by giving the UCCU Visa Gift Card.
Make it Right
When was the last time you sent the perfect gift? With a Gift Card from UCCU, they can get exactly what they want wherever Visa is accepted.**

Make it special
12 different card designs plus a personalized message embossed on the gift card make it personal.

Gift Card Facts

  • Gift Cards are safer than cash. If the gift card is lost or stolen, the unspent amount can be replaced.
  • Can be used immediately. Unlike a check, which needs to be cashed or deposited, the Visa Gift Card can be used immediately after it is activated.
  • Determine the gift card value-from $10 to $750. It’s that simple. As the gift card recipient uses the card the amount of the purchase is automatically deducted from the card’s available balance. Once the value is used up, the card is no longer valid.
  • The remaining gift card balance can be obtained anytime day or night by simply calling the 800 number printed on the back of every card.
  • No monthly fees until the card has been inactive for 12 months. (cards are sold with a minimum 84 month expiration date).
  • The cost associated with purchasing a gift card is $2.50 for members and $3.00 for non-members.
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