Rollover Retirement $50.00 Gift Card


What do you want your retirement to look like?

Rollover your IRA or 401K account(s) and receive a  $50.00 Gift Card!

UCCU Financial Group available at Utah Community Credit Union can consolidate your 401(k) or IRAs and help you:

  • Help building a plan keeps us with a changing market and can adapt as your needs change;
  • A wide range of investment options;
  • Allocate, diversify, and rebalance in one portfolio;
  • Provide on-going monitoring to ensure you’re on track to meet your financial goals.

For additional information, please contact Steve Lloyd

Phone: 801-223-7502
Fax: 801-431-8188
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The Best Utah County "Stay-cations"


A Stay-ca-tion- is a vacation that is spent at home or around your local area involving trips to local attractions or activities in your own home!

Now that it’s almost summer time, it’s time for warmer weather, adventures, and vacations.  Are you in desperate need for a vacation but can’t afford it?  Utah county is full of amazing adventures that are exciting, fun, and affordable!  Here are some ideas you can do this summer to have the ultimate, Utah County “StayCation”.

Activities around Utah County:

  • Go On a Hike: Lucky for us, Utah County is full of beautiful areas that can be explored with a nice, relaxing hike.  This summer, make a bucket list and hike the “Y”, Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon, or the Grotto in Payson Canyon.
  • Orem Owlz Baseball Game: Is there anything better than sitting under the lights watching a baseball game?  The smell of fresh cut grass, the warm weather, and hot dog is the perfect getaway!
  • Go Bowling: What a fun and engaging activity for friends and family!  Bowling is cheap, and convenient, especially in Utah County.  There are so many bowling alleys to choose from!
  • Go See a Movie: A movie is a nice way to take your mind off the stresses of life and getaway for a while!  Now that summer is coming, there should be some “Must See Movies” in the next couple of months.
  • Swimming: Pool, lake, pond, river, where ever you go, you name it, swimming is fun!  Take your family or friends to a local pool and give swimming a try!
  • Golfing: Competitive? Go golfing! Utah County has a variety of courses to choose from! Golfing can also be a way to get away from stress, and if your not into golf, try mini golf!
  • Go To a Park: Just getting outside relieves stress!  Get some rays on that skin and take your family on a picnic in a park!
  • 7 Peaks: What a great place to take you and your family!  7 Peaks Water Park is full of fun water slides, pools, and relaxing hot tubs.  If you want to cool down, go to the 7 Peaks Ice Arena, just next-door,  and give ice staking a try!

Staying at home ideas

Some of the best adventures can be found in the walls of your own home!  Here are some ideas you could use to transform your home into a resort:

  • Spa: Turn your boring bathroom into a luxurious spa!  All you need is a couple candles, bath salts, and maybe add Spa music from YouTube to complete the relaxing atmosphere!
  • Hammock– Hang up a hammock in your yard and enjoy the fresh air and a nice, cool summer breeze!    Be careful though, once you have settled in a hammock, you may never want to get out!
  • Camping: Go camping in your backyard!  Turn off all electronic devices and just enjoy the company of your family in the comfort of your own backyard.  You’ll be up giggling and talking all night!
  • Home cooked meals: Treat Yo Self!  It’s a StayCation for a reason, so teat it like so!  Make your favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner all within the same day!
  • Host a board game night: Invite friends and family to play games!  With the combination of appetizers, a deck of cards, and a couple board games, a game night could be the perfect getaway!
  • Movie Night: Turn your living room into a movie theater!  Make popcorn, buy candy, and if you want, roll out the red carpet!  If your feeling adventurous, have a theme night and have your family and friends dress up like characters from the movie!

Remember, you Do Not need to break the bank or travel far to have a memorable vacation.  Utah County is full of fun and exciting activities for you and your family.  Even staying at home will bring joy and relaxation to your life!  So enjoy your “Staycation” and save time and money!



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Shred Fest 2016


Who is ready for another year of “Shred Fest”?  That’s right, Shred Fest is here again, which means all members can bring their personal documents and shred them for free!

What can you shred?

  • Old tax returns
  • Junk Mail with personal information
  • dated documents with personal information
  • Dated pay stubs with personal information
  • And any other paper documents you need to get rid of!

Please Do Not Bring:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard
  • Binders

There is a limit of five boxes of paper per member.  Paper clips and staples are okay!

Shred Fest will be held on two days Saturday May 7th and Saturday May 14th 

Day 1: Saturday May 7th

When: 9am-12pm

Where: Riverwoods Branch 188 W. 5200 N. 84604


Day 2: Saturday May 14th

When: 9am-12pm

Where: Spanish Fork Branch 810 N. Main 84660

Don’t miss out!  Get your Shred On!



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Summer Deals 2016


Spring is heating up, and so are the deals!  Utah County is full of deals that you should take advantage of this summer!

“Pass of all Passes”

That is an amazing deal!  Here’s what’s included in the pass:

  • Seven Peaks Water Park (Provo, & Salt Lake)
  • Seven Peaks Fun Center (Lehi)
  • Orem Owelz Baseball
  • Peak Ice Arena
  • Towne Cinemas
  • Utah Grizzles Hockey
  • Real Monarchs
  • BYU Athletics
  • University of Utah Athletics
  • Utah Valley University Athletics
  • Rocky Mountain Raceways
  • Tracy Aviary
  • Scera Shell
  • Scales and Tails Utah

You do not want to miss out on an unforgettable summer! You can buy your “Pass of All Passes” on our UCCU Save Smart Deals Website for only $19.99!


Feeling achy or stressed?  Take advantage of the deals happening right now!

  • CK Massage & Spa: Lehi: Up to 51% off single or couples 1-Hour Massages: $49.00
  • Adagio Massage: Provo: Deep-Tissue One-Hour Massage:$39.00
  • Tachi Massage: Orem: Prenatal massage with Aromatherapy Included: $40.00
  • Foundation Chiropractic Clinic: Orem: Adjustment, Counsulations, Exam: $25.00
  • Grove Creek Dental: Pleasant Grove: $100 Voucher for Any Dental Service: $50.00

Personal Fitness

  • CrossFit vitruvius: Provo: One Month of Unlimited CrossFit Classes: $50.00
  • Bikram Yoga at Brick Canvas: Lehi: Unlimited Monthly Pass: $39.99
  • Springville Zumba: Springville: 50% Off Zumba Classes: $8.99
  • True Shape: Spanish Fork, Salem, Orem, Provo: Whole-Body Toning: $19.99


  • CLAS Ropes Course Moonlight Canoeing: Provo River: $19.50
  • Skydive Canyonlands: Moab: 33% Off Tandem Skydiving: $149.00
  • The Ranches Gold Club: Eagle Mountain: 18 Holes/ Two people: $49.95
  • Rangemasters of Uah: Springville: All-Day Shooting Range and Rentals: $28.00
  • CLAS Ropes Course: Provo: Couples Strengthening retreat: $134.00

 Home & Auto

  • Cleggs Car Care: Orem: Safety and Emissions or Oil Change: $25.00
  • Campus Tire Pros: Provo: Safety and Emissions: $13.00
  • Shine On Window Cleaning: Pleasant Grove: Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning: $40.00

To see more deals, visit our UCCU Local Deals Page and see how you can save money this year!








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Meet The Board: John Stevenson

Originally from Raymond, Alberta, Canada, John Stevenson first came to Utah to attend Brigham Young University before making Provo the home to his future family. John has put his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees to good use, with nearly 30 years experience working with both technology and people.

In 1986, John became a member of UCCU and joined the board in 2000, where he’s been voluntarily serving for over 15 years. We sat down with John and discussed his experience on the UCCU Board of Directors.

What brought you to UCCU?

I’ve been a long time advocate of the credit union movement. I tend to look for organizations that benefit consumers and have their best interests at heart. I could see that UCCU supports its members and believes in providing better rates, cheaper loans, and stronger savings yields. These types of things made me proud to become a member.

How did you get involved with UCCU’s Board of Directors?

I attended BYU’s MBA program with Ken Gibby, the current SVP/CIO at UCCU. I loved that the credit union was led by volunteers and I told Ken that I’d be interested in helping if there was ever the right opportunity. In 2000, Ken called me and informed me of a recent vacancy on the board. Soon after, I met with Ron Eliason, who was the president of the credit union at the time. Fortunately, it turned out to be a wonderful fit and I’ve been serving on the board ever since.

Can you tell us a little about your experiences volunteering for UCCU?

I love technology and have enjoyed being involved in the major tech decisions. I’ve always been an early adopter of new technologies and with my role on the board, I’ve helped set the direction and evolution of exciting technologies, such as mobile banking and the EMV chip.  Right now, UCCU is going through the process of a major system conversion that is going to set the credit union on the right path for the next decade to come. It’s really phenomenal. Of course, member interfaces are going to remain very simple and that’s part of what’s exciting about it. As UCCU implements this state-of-the-art technology, member services will run smoother and easier than ever.

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President's Message April 2016


We are well into our 60 year celebration and many people are taking advantage of our Cash for You, Cash For Your School initiative. Don’t forget that for every loan you transfer to UCCU we will give you 0.5% cash back, as well as donate 0.5% cash back to the K-12 school of your choice. Tell your friends and neighbors and help support local education.

The Utah housing market is booming. There is significant demand for mortgage and construction services and consumers are continuing to build equity due to rising housing prices. With the growing population rate and the increasing demand for housing, appreciation rates have continued to rise and will likely continue to be favorable.

Trying to help your children get into their first home? It may be easier than you think. UCCU has our first time home buying program that takes the guesswork out of finding the home of your dreams.  UCCU offers support and resources to help you find the right loan product to suit your financial needs. Our BuyerRelax program offers access to mortgage experts who can answer any question – big or small.

It is our pleasure to serve you! We want to be your trusted financial partner now and into the future. Take full advantage of your membership by visiting with one of our financial experts. If you are not yet a member – become one and let the benefits of UCCU membership help you save money, make smart financial decisions, and propel you and your family closer to you financial goals and dreams.

Jeff's signature
Jeff Sermon




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Pay with your phone (3 Ways)



We are a mobile powerhouse here at UCCU!  We are offering every way to pay with Apple, Samsung and Android to make your payments almost everywhere.  Now you can add your UCCU debit or credit card to any of the mobile payment options and set up is quick and easy!  Find your smart phone manufacturer and follow the instructions below to set up your payment options in a few easy steps!


Samsung Pay Setup:

  • Open the Samsung Pay app from your app tray and following the step by step instructions.
  • Add your UCCU Visa card with the snap of a photo.
  • Pay at nearly any store that accepts swipe or tap.

Learn more about Samsung Pay


Apple Pay Setup:

  • Open your pre-downloaded Passbook app and follow the step by step instructions.
  • Add your UCCU Visa card with the snap of a photo.
  • Pay at any of the hundreds of participating stores.

Learn more about Apple Pay


Android Pay Setup:

  • Download the Android Pay app from Google Play and follow the step by step instructions.
  • Add your UCCU Visa card with the snap of a photo.
  • Tap and Pay at over a million stores that accept contactless payments.

Learn more about Android Pay

Making payments has never been easier or more accessible.  So give your wallet a break and see how easy and convenient mobile pay can be for you!


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