New Bill Pay System Is Coming August 9, 2010

UCCU is excited to announce that August 9, 2010, UCCU’s Bill Pay system will be upgraded with a system that is easier to use and incorporates many new features and faster bill payment processing. The UCCU Personal Branch system will receive a new overview page as well, but the Personal Branch system itself will stay the same.

Is Online Bill Pay Still Free?

Yes! Online Bill Pay on is free for members who have checking.

Will I have to change or update my personal information?

No, Personal Branch will remain the same. Use the same username and password you currently utilize to log on to Personal Branch.

Will I have to redo my Bill Pay information?

No. Your existing payee information, recurring payments, scheduled payments, and pending payments will remain the same. In some cases, your payee processing times may have changed. We encourage you to login to Personal Branch after the upgrade to ensure that all of your information is correct.

I have existing scheduled payments (not automatic monthly payments). What do I have to do?

Nothing. All existing scheduled payments will be moved over to the new system and paid as scheduled.

What can I expect to see with the new Bill Payer system?

Our new Bill Pay system provides a number of enhancements to make your bill paying experience faster, more streamlined, and easier. Highlights include:

  • Bills will be processed and paid faster
  • You will now schedule a payment due date and the system will figure out when to send it, also providing a paid on time guarantee* (*conditions apply)
  • Easier to navigate
  • Electronic bill presentment
  • Setting up payees will be easier and more accurate
  • Bill Pay email reminders
  • Terminology changes – some of the term you may be used to viewing will change, including:
    • “Payee Name” will now be called “Biller Name”
    • “Recurring Payments” will now be called “Automatic Payments”
    • “Payment History” will now be called “Bill History”

For more answers to questions you might have about the upgrade visit or call a Bill Pay Specialist at 801-223-8188 or toll free at (800) 453-8188.

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Teaching Kids Money Management Basics

UCCU encourages the financial literacy of youth and hopes that financial education will extend beyond the walls of a classroom and be taught at home. Parents can have a big influence on teens to develop smart spending habits. During this summer while your kids are out of school take the time to help your kids understand the basics of money management by creating a budget together for back to school expenses. Helping your kids to identify the difference between needs and wants can put them on the right path for future spending decisions.

Many teens get summer jobs and often time’s teens become thrifty with their own money as they learn the value of work. Having a budget can help them track where their money is going and how to stretch their earnings throughout the year. Establishing good saving habits now will provide a solid foundation of financial experience for the future and will help to avoid future financial pitfalls.

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