President's Message: December 2016


Happy Holidays from your credit union!

 2016 was another great year. We continue to be the #1 lender for mortgage loans in Utah and Wasatch counties – which means our members are getting more house with every mortgage transaction. And from our humble beginnings 60 years ago, the credit union has grown to over one billion dollars strong.

We look forward to continued growth in 2017 and are excited for a system upgrade that will make your banking faster, easier and safer. The new, modern interface is designed to make banking both easy and intuitive. Look for more information from us as we prepare for the upgrade this April.

As we close our 60th year anniversary, we thank you and hope to continue inspiring smart financial decisions for decades to come. And on behalf of our great staff and volunteer Board of Directors, we wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

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Jeff Sermon

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President's Message November 2016

60 years of people helping people.

When I think back to our founders – seven BYU employees who envisioned a not-for-profit credit union that would be owned by the families and individuals that it serves–I wonder if they could have imagined what UCCU has grown into today…

A credit union that’s over $1 billion dollars in assets strong and serves over 137,000 members. 18 branches across Utah Valley (and counting). A Financial Center in the heart of this community that stands as a testament to the ideal of “People Helping People.”

2016 has been an incredible year for UCCU. We’ve celebrated our 60th Anniversary in the best way we know how: by honoring our founders and providing opportunities for our members to improve their financial lives.    

We asked you (our members) to share your personal stories and experiences with UCCU and we received 272 stories on how UCCU has positively impacted lives. With the help of your votes, we donated $37,000 to local charities and $18,571 (and counting) to schools throughout the state. We celebrated our BYU beginnings with free BYU Creamery ice cream and an inspiring video, hosted by Coach LaVell Edwards. We opened the doors to the UCCU Financial Center. And most importantly, we helped our members save money and make smart financial decisions.

Yes, 2016 has been quite a year. And we’re excited for what 2017 has in store.

As I mentioned, the UCCU Financial Center is up and running. This new building will take us into the new year by helping us effectively serve our growing population of UCCU members and provide them with the financial services they need and expect.

For two years, Utah Community Credit Union has been preparing for a computer system upgrade that will provide members with a faster, easier, and safer credit union experience. And on April 3, 2017, this system upgrade will arrive, which will enable UCCU to serve members more effectively than ever before, all while providing truly frictionless banking.

So as we look forward to the next 60 years of UCCU, we do so with gratitude. To our founders and to you, our members. UCCU exists to serve you. Our mission, as always, is to help improve your financial lives. And we couldn’t do it without you.

Here’s to 60 incredible years…and many more to come!

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Jeff Sermon

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President's Message October 2016

The UCCU Financial Center is Now Open!  


The UCCU Financial Center located at Lehi freeway is now open. This building is in the heart of Lehi’s tech community, often referred to as Silicon Slope. Our full service branch located on the first floor, offers every financial service to our growing area. 

The ribbon cutting took place on Wednesday October 12th. “UCCU and this new building is remarkable”, Vale Hale the Executive Director of the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) said during the ribbon cutting ceremony, “It is fun to see UCCU’s progress over it’s 60 years. It has grown and flourished in the valley.”


We invite the public to visit the building this week to see the amazing views and also get cookies and a gift. The 5th floor will be open from 11 am to 6 pm until Friday October 21st. And also stop by the branch located on the 1st floor to see the mural of the Utah community painted by David Bueno, a local artist from Sandy. 



The credit union has been preparing for a computer system upgrade that will provide members with a faster, easier, and safer credit union experience – all while enabling UCCU to serve members more effectively.

We’re always looking for new and better ways to improve our member experience. The system upgrade will go live in April of 2017, and provide top-of-the-line banking technology to help members better manage money and spending on the go.

It’s a very exciting time at UCCU. The credit union continues to grow and grow stronger. And as it does, it’s critical that we not only maintain our ability to provide excellent, personal service to our members, but also continuously improve it. And this system upgrade will do just that. Look for more information as we approach the System Upgrade next year and learn about all of the enhancements coming soon.

Thank for being a member.

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President's Message August 2016


I am pleased to report to you that Utah Community Credit Union continues to grow and serve our many members and our community.

The Credit Union is Financially Strong. The financial trends and ratios used to measure the success of a credit union are all very positive for UCCU. UCCU is experiencing growth in membership, loans, deposits, assets, and earnings that are all above national averages. Clean audits and financial exams attest to the financial stability and financial strength of the credit union. We are repeatedly voted as the best credit union in our market.

Members are UCCU’s Greatest Strength. The above-mentioned financial highlights are a reflection of the trust our members place in the credit union. This trust and partnership with our members is even more important than our financial growth and stability. We work hard to earn the privilege of being your financial partner. We work hard to be your “first choice” for financial products, services and information. We work hard to provide all members with valuable tools and services to help them set and reach important family financial goals.

Inspiring Smart Decisions. UCCU feels a great and continued responsibility to our members and to our community to promote wisdom and care in managing finances, and we hope to continue to inspire our members to make smart financial decisions – now and well into the future. I express my deep gratitude to the amazing volunteer Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, to a very capable and dedicated management team and to the world-class employees at UCCU. I am convinced that there is not a better or more capable group anywhere to serve and represent UCCU to its members and to this community!

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Jeff Sermon
Utah Community Credit Union

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President's Message July 2016

The credit union began in 1956 as BYU Employee’s Federal Credit Union. We’ve come along way since our operations on the stair landing in the Clark building. And as the credit union looks back on 60 years of inspiring smart financial decisions, what better way to celebrate than with free ice cream from the BYU Creamery. Stop by any UCCU branch location for your free ice cream voucher.*

Here are four anniversary celebrations that you should know about before they expire on July 31st:

  1. Summer Loan Sale:

Whether you need an auto, home equity, or personal loan or would like to refinance one, lock-in UCCU’s summer loan sale rates.  There is no obligation and you can use them anytime before the end of October.

Click here to learn more and lock-in these rates!

  1. Share your Story:

We are inviting you to share your UCCU story as we celebrate 60 years of stories. These stories will be judged and winners will be selected to win a Smart Car plus 60 other prizes including a trip to Disneyland, 60” smart TV, iPad Pro, $600 cash and much more!

Submit your story at

  1. Charity:

UCCU is donating $25K to local charities and your votes will help us decide! Working together to support important causes in our community has always been a top priority for the credit union. As part of our 60th anniversary celebration we’re donating $25,000 to local charities and we want you to help us decide how.

Vote now!

  1. Photo Contest:

Be apart of UCCU’s 2017 calendar as we showcase the great state in which we live. Creating an annual calendar has become a fun tradition at UCCU. So share your favorite photos of our beautiful state for a chance to be featured in the upcoming calendar.

Photos can be submitted at

The credit union began with only seven members back in 1956, but now 60 years later we are over 130,000 members strong. We still work together as a community on the principle of people helping people. Thank you for choosing UCCU. Thank you for being a valued member.


Jeff Sermon


*While supplies last. Limit one per household.
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President's Message May 2016

60 years ago, seven BYU employees shared a vision of a not-for-profit financial institution that would be owned by the very people it served – individuals and families living in this community. In 1956, each of them contributed $5 of their own money and founded the BYU Employees’ Federal Credit Union on one simple industry
principle: “people helping people.”

Today, the name of that financial institution is Utah Community Credit Union. It’s over $1 billion dollars in assets strong and serves over 125,000 members with 18 locations
across Utah Valley… and counting.

And as we celebrate our 60th Anniversary, we do so with the knowledge that the
strength, success, and longevity of this credit union is founded on our unwavering
commitment to that same ideal of people helping people.

And that will never change.

We will always be not-for-profit. We will always be owned by our members. And
we will always be here to help inspire our members to make smart decisions that
will improve their financial lives.

We have some very special opportunities in store for our members and our
community during our 60th anniversary year. Right now, you can enter to win
a Smart Car or one of 60 other great prizes (like a trip to Disneyland, an Apple
watch, or a 60” Smart TV), when you submit a video or written narrative that shares
your UCCU story.

We’re also giving cash donations to local schools of your choice. Simply transfer
your existing loan(s) to UCCU. We’ll pay you a .5% balance transfer cash rebate,
up to $125, for every loan you transfer and we’ll donate that same cash rebate
amount to the school of your choice, in your name.

For all the details about these opportunities visit

We wouldn’t be here without our members. This credit union started with only
seven people and today, it belongs to each and every one of us.

So from all of us here at Utah Community Credit Union… thank you! We are grateful
to be a part of this wonderful community.

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President's Message April 2016


We are well into our 60 year celebration and many people are taking advantage of our Cash for You, Cash For Your School initiative. Don’t forget that for every loan you transfer to UCCU we will give you 0.5% cash back, as well as donate 0.5% cash back to the K-12 school of your choice. Tell your friends and neighbors and help support local education.

The Utah housing market is booming. There is significant demand for mortgage and construction services and consumers are continuing to build equity due to rising housing prices. With the growing population rate and the increasing demand for housing, appreciation rates have continued to rise and will likely continue to be favorable.

Trying to help your children get into their first home? It may be easier than you think. UCCU has our first time home buying program that takes the guesswork out of finding the home of your dreams.  UCCU offers support and resources to help you find the right loan product to suit your financial needs. Our BuyerRelax program offers access to mortgage experts who can answer any question – big or small.

It is our pleasure to serve you! We want to be your trusted financial partner now and into the future. Take full advantage of your membership by visiting with one of our financial experts. If you are not yet a member – become one and let the benefits of UCCU membership help you save money, make smart financial decisions, and propel you and your family closer to you financial goals and dreams.

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Jeff Sermon




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President's Message March 2016


The credit union continues to celebrate 60 years of serving this great community! This year-long celebration will give members and the credit union many opportunities to strengthen the community and take advantage of special offers and services provided by the credit union. We welcome your participation and urge you to take advantage of the special offers, rates, and service opportunities that are part of our celebration.

  • Support the School of your Choice

Throughout the year, you can earn money and also support a local school of your choice – just by transferring an existing loan to UCCU!

When you transfer a loan from somewhere else to the credit union, you will not only benefit from lower loan rates and lower monthly payments – but UCCU will pay you ½% of the loan balance in cash up to $125. But that’s not all. The credit union will also send the school of your choice the same amount (1/2/% of the loan balance up to $125) in your name!  So, by moving a loan to UCCU, you’ll most likely end up with better loan rates and terms, some cash in your pocket, and the credit union will donate the same amount to a school of your choice in your name!

  • March Loan Sale Going on Now

You’ll find low special rates on auto loans and on home equity loans as part of our 60th Anniversary celebration. Whether its time to replace your car or whether you’re planning some needed home improvements or other summer projects, UCCU’s low loan rates will help you succeed.  There will be additional special offers throughout the year.

  • Your “First Choice” Financial Partner

As always, we thank you for your trust and your membership. Our sole focus, as a not-for-profit financial institution, is to provide you and your family with the services and information that will help you set- and reach- your financial goals. One valuable resource to help you make smart financial decisions is This educational site is a great guide to help save you money and frustration in purchasing a home or car. Check it out and see how it can give you confidence in making some of life’s biggest purchases.

We love serving you and look forward to another 60 years of serving this community!

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Jeff Sermon
Utah Community Credit Union



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President's Message January 2016


A Good Year

Overall, 2015 is being recognized by economists as a year of strengthening economic trends, solid job growth, and growing consumer confidence and spending. Against a backdrop of some fragility in markets, the continued low lending rates fueled consumer borrowing and as a result, UCCU saw strong growth in member auto loans, mortgages, home equity lines of credit, and member business lending.  UCCU’s loan portfolio grew over 20% in 2015 as members took advantage of low rates and purchase opportunities and UCCU is the number 1 mortgage lender in both Utah and Heber valley.

In addition to loan growth, uncertainty in the investment markets fueled strong member deposit growth resulting in an increase of $95 Million in deposits (11%) and $113 Million in assets. (12%). Members know that despite historically low savings rates, their hard-earned money is safe and secure at UCCU.

With capital well over 10%, UCCU is financially strong and stable and finished the year with strong membership, loan, deposit, and capital growth as members took full advantage of credit union services and products.

2016 An Interesting Beginning

Our stock market has struggled the beginning of this year as a result of uncertainties and challenges in certain global economies. A struggling China market has been largely responsible for the worst January stock market in several years. Some economists are even re-evaluating their forecasts downward for the nation’s 2016 GDP. Still others are predicting that savings rates will stay low until the national economy and local markets have stabilized. Trends in the local economy remain positive with solid job growth, strong real estate activity, and rising home prices.

We are optimistic about the future. Whatever your plans for 2016, UCCU is glad to be your financial partner, offering you and your family access to valuable information, stellar products and services, and everything else you need to help you achieve your financial goals.

We look forward to serving you and your family in 2016 and beyond. We are grateful for your trust and are committed to being your First Choice financial partner.


Jeff Sermon

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President's Message December 2015

Happy Holidays from UCCU!


At UCCU, we know that money is not the most important thing in life,but it is an important tool in providing for our families and assuring their security. As your financial partner, we at UCCU want to help you achieve financial success. We do this by providing valuable professional services and information. We also help you earn more on you accounts and pay less for loans and other financial services, so you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Local credit union members and noted musicians Roger and Melanie Hoffman stress this simple, but profound message in their delightful children’s musical series:

 Once upon a time there was a sorry little man 
Who said, “I must accumulate all the stuff I can.”
He went out in the afternoon to see a chimp or two.
And then before he knew it – he’d bought the city zoo.
When the snow was falling – he was a merry elf.
He wrapped up Christmas presents – and gave them to himself.
He said, “One more thing. I’ll buy one more thing.
I’ll buy until I’m happy. I’ll buy one more thing”
When he got to heaven he cried out in despair.
He had owned such lovely things, but none of them were there.
He said, “No more things. I have no more things.
Here I am in heaven with no more things.
It’s your heart that counts and the love you bring.
I wish someone had told me life is more than things!”

Although money is not the most important thing in life, successfully managing it gives you time and energy to focus on the things that are most important – like enjoying family, friends, and life’s special occasions.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the UCCU staff, we sincerely wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year in 2016!



Jeff Sermon

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