TrueBill: Never Pay For An Unused Service Again

In this age of super convenience, subscription services are a popular choice for many consumers. From gym memberships to Netflix, automatic monthly payments simplify getting the services we want and take the hassle out of paying yet another bill.

But, when those payments are being withdrawn from our accounts for things we never use, that convenience can quickly turn into an awful nuisance.

That’s why, when Yahya Mokhtarzada discovered he was getting billed for a monthly subscription fee to an airplane Wi-Fi provider, he was so annoyed that he launched a company. His brainchild, TrueBill, has only one goal in mind: to save you money.

How do you keep track of every free trial you sign up for and remember to cancel them before you start paying? How do you prevent yourself from getting hit with fees for services you never use? The answer is TrueBill, which offers a free service to keep track of every subscription you pay for.

All you need to do is link your credit card account to their secure site. Within days, TrueBill will send you an email that lists every automatic payment you’re making. Prepare to be surprised! It might be Amazon Kindle you once signed up for but never use or a Wi-Fi service you once needed on a trip abroad. TrueBill nearly always unearths an unused subscription.

Unfortunately, too many companies make signing up for free trials and paid services extraordinarily easy, but make cancelling them super complicated. That’s why the app is more than just finding ongoing payments; TrueBill also cancels them for you.

The app will notify you about price increases for services you actually do use, since companies too often neglect to inform you about price changes. In addition, as a Truebill member, you can feel free to try out new services and complimentary trials without fearing you’ll forget to cancel your subscription. You can count on TrueBill to do it for you.

Mokhtarzada claims that TrueBill saves its members an average of $512 a year. That’s no small change! With TrueBill, you’ll save money and never pay for something you don’t use again.

Your Turn: Did you ever find out you were paying for a service you don’t use? Share your experience with us in the comments!


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Do you love to shop? Even if you don’t have extra spending money, do you still enjoy walking through stores and browsing? Well, now there’s an app where you can actually earn rewards for just walking through a store! Yes, you read correctly. You can get paid for simply visiting a store and not purchasing anything.

Introducing Shopkick, a free, location-based mobile app that gives users reward points for walking into retail stores, scanning specific items, and for making purchases. The reward points you earn are called “kicks,” and there are several ways to earn them:

  • Walking around a participating store
  • Scanning barcodes on select products
  • Scanning QR codes
  • Linking your credit card to the app to earn bonus kicks
  • Purchasing featured products
  • Submitting a receipt
  • Referring friends and family

The amount of kicks you can earn for each task varies. Typically, walking around a participating store can earn you between 30-50 kicks, scanning barcodes earns between 10-50 kicks per scan, and if you purchase a product from their list and submit the receipt, you can earn up to 200 kicks per item. If you have friends or family you think would enjoy the app, refer them and you can earn 500 kicks per referral.

Be sure to open your Shopkick app daily, because surprise offers will appear often, allowing you to earn kicks or special deals in the form of coupons for participating stores.

Once you start earning kicks, they can be redeemed for rewards consisting of gift cards or physical items. The redemption rate will be slightly different for physical items, but your best value is usually received from redeeming kicks for gift cards. The minimum you amount can redeem is $2, or 500 kicks. Shopkicks offers gift cards for Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, TJ Maxx and many more retailers.

If you’re looking for a fun and interesting way to save money while shopping at your favorite stores , check out this app. It does take some time to earn enough kicks for a big reward, but the thrill of visiting a store and earning points just for scanning items – and feeling like you’re a contestant on Supermarket Sweep – makes it all worthwhile!

You can also check out the shopkick website:

Your Turn: What’s your favorite app for shopping? Share it with us in the comments!


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AroundMe: Local Attractions With Just One Click

Looking for a great new restaurant near your home? Traveling and wondering what attractions are nearby?

Look no further! The free AroundMe app is here to take the stress out of your search. With a cleaner and clearer interface than other attraction search engines, like Google Maps and Apple Maps, the app makes finding local hotspots easy.

In the app’s home screen, you’ll be asked if you want to use your current location. By clicking “yes,” you’ll unlock the app’s real power. You can now search for local attractions wherever you’re located.

Next, you’ll find a large menu of nearby spots you might need, from pizza shops and park-and-rides to museums and movie theaters. Tap the category you’re looking for, and the app will bring up a list of local places matching your choice. You’ll also be shown where these locations can be found on a map. If you choose one of these options, the app will pull up details for you, including a phone number, street address, reviews and hours of operation. Another tap will bring you to the business’s Google Details page.

You can take your search up a level by tapping on the eye icon toward the top of the app’s screen and then holding up your iPhone or iPad 2. You’ll be shown a virtual view of the location of nearby attractions. This will help you see exactly how far you are from each place.

You can use the AroundMe app to search for a wide range of local spots, including the most often searched-for options, like restaurants, movie theaters and gas stations, and the less-searched for places, like hospitals and pharmacies. Whatever you need – it’s there!

Critics of the app complain that banner ads can block up to 25% of the screen. While ads are built into most apps, Aroundme is designed for use on the road, making the ads really intrusive. There is an option to upgrade to an ad-free version, but it’ll cost you $2.99 a month. For that price, you can find something even more user-friendly in the AppStore.

Other unhappy users claim that star icon doesn’t save a location’s info as would be expected; it only saves the number in your contacts. Still, more critics say the app doesn’t offer enough improvement over Google Maps or AppleMaps to make it worthwhile to install.

Try the app to judge for yourself. It can make attraction-searching simpler and fun!

Your Turn: What’s your favorite way to look for local hotspots? Share your best search app with us in the comments!


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